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Where are the fuses for shoulder belts on a 1993 Saturn?

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they are behind the panel on the passenger side of the console on the back of the panel it shows the # 5 and says Igni..... when the fuse blows it affects the seat belts the speedometer and odometer and the tac at least on mine it does and I am trying to gind out why mine blows fuses all the time Those seatbelts are also called passive restraints and some of the saturns have their own fuse for those. They will blow fuses if starting to seize up. They need to be lubed as part of an ongoing maintenance with something like wd40. The fuse for the seatbelt motors is located on the interior fuse panel on the fuse marked PREST. That fuse protects nothing else on the car. And no other fuse but that one is for the automatic belts. All 1991-1994's are this way. 1995+ went to fixed seatbelts.

2009-04-28 18:02:40
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