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you have a fuse box under the hood behind the batteryand another located under the dash on the left side of the vehicle access is gained by snapping off the plastic cover. later models also have a small fuse box located behind the glove box. I hope that helps you out.

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Q: Where are the fuses locationed on a 1995 Toyota 4runner?
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My Toyota 4runner 1995 Dome light does not work but all other lights do and the fuses are good and the bulb is new?

could be the wiring to the dome light

Bolt pattern for 1995 4Runner?

If your asking for the bolt pattern on the Toyota 4runner. It is a 6 on 5.5.

Can a 1990-1995 Toyota 4runner door fit on a 1993 Toyota pickup?


How many shocks on the front of 1995 Toyota 4Runner?

2 shocks on the front of the 4runner. One on each side

How do remove the oil pan on a 1995 Toyota 4Runner?

With great difficulty

Does 1995 Toyota sr5 6cyl 4runner have a timing chain?


Does 1995 Toyota sr5 4-cylinder 4runner have a timing chain?


Where is the plug for the obd II on a 1995 Toyota 4runner?

96 and up for obd2

What is the average mpg for a 1995 Toyota 4Runner?

my 95 4runner seems to get about 15 to 16 mpg on city, and 18 to 19 mpg on highway.

How many oil quarts does a 1995 Toyota 4runner V6 need?

6 quarts

Where is the transmission dipstick located on a 1995 Toyota 4Runner?

look on left side of engine

Where is the Starter solenoid on a 95 4Runner?

The starter solenoid on a 1995 Toyota 4Runner will be found on the starter unit itself. The solenoid is mounted on top of the starter.

What oil shoud you use in a 1995 Toyota 4Runner 100k miles?

If you can try using Toyota oil. It is just right for 100K engines.

What would it cost to replace or repair a cracked exhaust manifold in a 1995 Toyota tacoma?

what is the cost of repair of Toyota 4runner exhaust manifold

What years of engine will work in your 95 Toyota 4runner example 93 94 95?

The 1995 4Runner was the last model to be released from that series. The engine from 1990 until 1995 can all be swapped relatively easily.

How do you repair oil leak 1995 4Runner?

An oil leak on a 1995 Toyota 4Runner can often be repaired by replacing the damaged gasket or seal. Tightening the oil pan bolts can also fix some leaks.

You flipped your Toyota 4Runner 1995 now it will start but stall after about 1 second what could be wrong?

oil in intake

How do you replace the starter on a 1995 Toyota 4Runner?

Someone has a fantastic answer on the web...

What are optional Tire sizes for 1995 Toyota 4Runner?

anywhere from a 28 inch tire to a 31 inch tire.

How do you replace a 1995 Toyota 4runner radio?

Step by step instructions. I used this and it works to a T.

What kind of transmission fluid does a 1995 Toyota 4runner need?

usually 4.5 quartz of Dextron ATF 2 fluid

Where is oil pressure sending unit on 1995 Toyota 4runner?

Next to the old filter it looks like a brass cylinder

Does your 1993 Toyota 4 runner have an airbag?

I have a 1993 Toyota 4runner also and it does not have a air bag. I think the 4runners got air bags in late 1995 or early 1996.

How many litter are there in a 1990 -1995 Toyota 4Runner fuel tank?

Most 1990 through 1995 Toyota automobiles were equipped with a 12 gallons fuel tank. The 12 gallons fuel tank is equal to 31 liters.

Which fuse lights the dashboard on a 1995 Toyota 4runner?

Before you change any fuses, try turning the brightness adjustment knob up and down vigorously. Do this at night or in a dark area. This is a common symptom of Toyota vehicles. Also try replacing the headlight switch, this feeds the panel lights. The fuse is rarely the problem.