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Where are the horn and horn relay on the 1991 Mercury Topaz 4dr?


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The horn is under the right front fender, my car has 2 different horns (unknown reasons) but the horn relay is in the relay pack under the driver side dash console, if you have a users manual it can tell exactly which one it is.


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The fuse block should be located to the left of the steering column, under the dash. Depending on which Mercury GS you have (sable, topaz, etc.) it should be a relay located in the fuse block.

you push in the blinker bar

The 1991 Honda Accord horn relay switch can be found mounted to the radiator. The horn relay switch will be on the right hand side of the radiator housing.

In a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer : In the Power Distribution Box ( which is " live " ) located in the drivers side of the engine compartment ( relay # 2 is the horn relay )

the horn relay is under the dash on the driver side along with two other relays.

Horn's should be in the fender wells in the engine compartment.

They should be in the front fender well, in the engine compartment.

The horn relay for a 1998 Sable is on the back of the distribution block. The block is under the dash on the drivers side.

where is the horn relay on my 1993 Mercury Sable located

In a 2001 Mercury Mountaineer : In the Power Distribution Box ( which is " live " ) located in the engine compartment , on the drivers side of the engine compartment : ( mini fuse # 10 is a blue color 15 amp fuse for the horn relay and the horn relay is relay # 7 )

on a 91 ranger the horn relay is located in the power distribution box under the hood on the drivers side. It will be the first relay closest to the motor

well the horn is in front of the grill and radiator on the drivers side it is a black disk and the relay is int the engine compartament on the drivers side in relay/fusebox

it si in the relay panel on the passenger side of the engin comp.

It is important to know what is causing problems in a car. When the horn relay clicks, but the horn does not sound, it is not a fuse but more likely to be the cars clock spring.

The horn relay on a 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cierra is located on the passenger side firewall inside the engine compartment. It is just to the left of the blower motor assembly.

The fuse for the horn is under the driver side dash right next to the brake pedal.

check power to horn - no power to horn -check ground -no power to horn -check relay - no power to relay -check fuse inside car first thing -still no power to relay -check horn button -still no power - possible break in wire

under dash above gas pedal

check fuse under dash, chech horn relay under hood.

There is no relay for the horn!

On the 1996 model, there are two of them on the far passenger side of the underhood fuse /relay center.

Passenger lower front fender /w horn relay front end driver side

where is Horn relay on 1996 buick century.??

Broken Or Disconnected Wire To The Horn. Check For Voltage When Horn Button Is Pushed At The Wire After Removing It From The Horn. On A Vet Probably Not Grounded.

There is no horn relay on a 1970 mustang

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