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Where are the horn relay and fuse for a 91 Jeep Cherokee Limited Edition?


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2007-07-06 23:08:05
2007-07-06 23:08:05

The relay is supposed to be attached to the fuse panel harness close to the fuse panel. The fuse is also the headlamp fuse, fuse number 11. It's labeld "HOLD/DLY" and is a 25 amp fuse.


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hey i have a 1992 Cherokee the relay is on the right side of the steering wheel behind the lower panel there are three relays there its the middle one i think

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i have a 1992 Cherokee limited on it its under the lower pannel to the right of the streeing wheel

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The relay for a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited is the same one that controls all of the power windows. This relay should be located in fuse box near the battery.

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