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Where are the indian reservations located?

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these native reservations are scattered throughout every part of the land, if you need the location of a specific one, you can check in your library.

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Where are most Indian reservations located?

Arizona/ It's Arizona do to the amount of Idian culture and the way there valuable to the society. This answer is incorrect. Oklahoma has 26 indian reservations, Washington state has 24, and Arizona only has 18.

What Indian Reservations were in Western New York?

I'm guessing that the four Indian reservations are Tonawanda, Buffalo Creek, Cattaraugus, and Allegany Reservations.

Which states have casinos on Indian Reservations?

Minnesota, Nevada and a few others are states that have opened up casinos on Indian Reservations.

Where is the Indian restaurant 'Mayuri' located?

The Indian restaurant known as Mayuri is located in Irving, Texas. Its physical address is 1102 Interstate 635. For reservations contact (469) 759-2336.

Where are Cheyenne reservations located today?

the cheyenne reservations are located at lame deer,montanna

Which states do not have Indian reservations in them?


Are there any Indian reservations in Kentucky?


Does Hawaii have any Indian reservations?


Which US state has the most Indian Reservations?

California has the most Indian Reservations with a total of 38.

When was No Reservations - Apache Indian album - created?

No Reservations - Apache Indian album - was created on 1993-05-18.

Were Indian reservations like prisons?

Indian reservations wernt exactly like prisons, i suppose the Indians must have liked them if they had a casino in them!!! lol

How were Indian reservations made?

The United States had to find a way to 'deal with' the "Indian Problem" and reservations were formed as a type of concentration camp as a result.

Which US state has nine Sioux Indian reservations?

South Dakota has 8 Indian Reservations. all of which are governed by various Sioux Tribes.

Are there Indian reservations near Texas coast?

no there are not any Indian reservations near the coast of Texas......but there some in New Mexico and Washington State.

Where are some Indian reservations?

They are located in many parts of the us, with some states more populated than others. Oklahoma, Arizona, Wisconsin are heavily populated with reservations. Washington, California, New Mexico also have some. Reservations tend to be located in isolated areas, some are more self-sufficient than others.

What state has the most Indian reservations?


Does Texas have Indian reservations?

Yes, 3.

Are there any Indian reservations in Maryland?


How many Indian Reservations in Colorado?


Does Texas have gambling?

Only on Indian Reservations

Why are there no Indian reservations in Missouri?

No tribes in Missouri.

How many Indian reservations in Florida?


How many Indian reservations are there in Louisiana?


Does montana have the most indian reservations?

No, California does.

How many Native American Reservations are in the United States?

According to the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, there are 304 Indian reservations in the United States.