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You can jack from the sides, just behind the front tires (or in front of the rear tires) you will see two half circle notches in the metal frame, these are jack points, but if you have a suitable floor jack, its better to use the jack points on the bottom of the car (I've seen slight damage to the frame from jacking from the side, because the metal tabs can bend). The jack points on the bottom of the echo: FRONT - this one can be hard to find at first, look for the square slightly towards the drivers side about 3 feet back from the front of the car, there is nothing else under that that looks like a jack point, so you should be able to spot it. REAR - this one is easy to find, its a square right in the middle, all the way towards the back. Unfortunately many normal sized, inexpensive floor jacks will have a hard time reaching the front jack point while still giving you enough clearance to jack the car up.

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Q: Where are the lift or floor jacking points on a 2001 Toyota Echo?
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