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one is in the Asian jungles, one is deep in the Sahara desert, one is in an underground city, one is frozen in the icecaps, the rest idk.

I'm kidding smart ones. But if you really want to find them be my guest.

P.S. When your dead I'm taking all your belongings.

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How many crystal skulls are there?

About 13

Do crystal skulls exist?

Yes of course they do!

What actors and actresses appeared in Legend of the Crystal Skulls - 2008?

The cast of Legend of the Crystal Skulls - 2008 includes: Marius Biegai as Hedges

How were the crystal skulls created?

Research reveals that only a handful of crystal skulls can be traced back any earlier than the 1860s, when Europe was "swept by a rage for pre-Hispanic relics." The buyers of these skulls were often told that they were made by the Mayans (300AD and 900AD), but no crystal skull has ever been excavated from any of the documented archaeological sites. Supposedly these crystal skulls are made from large chunks of quartz crystal rock.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Search for the Crystal Skulls - 2008?

The cast of The Search for the Crystal Skulls - 2008 includes: David Hatcher Childress as himself

How many crystal skulls were found?

Only 3 of them.

Do the crystal skulls have power?

no, because they are human artifacts

What are crystal skulls and where can they be found?

A crystal skull is defined as follows:the original definition was related to skulls made from quartz crystals that are shaped like a human bone skull. There are three type of quartz crystal skulls defined:1) contemporary or new skulls - the ones being done by modern carvers who use diamond tip tools since quartz itself is 6.5 out of 10 on the mohr sale of hardness, you need a substance as hard or harder to carve a piece of quartz2) old crystal skulls - crystal skulls carved or created over 100 years ago (so about the 19th century or before) up to about 1000-2000 years ago (this ending date is in debate) - usually made by primitive cultures or tribes, many have seen to have been discovered so far in Mexico or Central America.3) ancient crystal skulls - crystal skulls carved or manufactured (with these crystal skulls the way they were created is a great mystery) from 1000-2000 years ago to 5,000, 10,000, 100,000 or even older - what sets these crystal skull apart from other is the energy contained or surrounding these artifacts and the quality of how the crystal skulls were made - some do not look like human bone skulls but still are skull like.To know about theories of the origin of the crystal skulls, which is not part of this question, we recommend to visit our website shown below.The old and ancient crystal skulls are being found near ancient ruins within Mexico or Central America but within the past 10-15 years we are hearing reports of skulls coming out of many other locations (Australia, Nepal and Tibet, China, Europe, South America, etc ...) - the idea being that many of the indigenous cultures on the planet have legends about crystal skulls and that they have been passed down from generation to generation as well as traveled all over the world. Since crystal skulls are made of quartz crystal, an inorganic substance, we have no dating system to know the true date of creation. In our work we have found it is important in our research to include both scientific and paranormal methods to discover how the skulls were made, who may have worked with them and what is their purpose.Crystal Skulls are also being referred to other skulls being carved from all type of gemstones today - actually in Mongolia and China many old or ancient non-quartz skulls are coming out - they don't have the same type of energy as the quartz skulls but it is important to study all these type of skulls to help us know why they are important, why so many people wish to have one of their own and why the indigenous people consider them sacred artifacts which are keys to humanity future.thank youJoshua Shapiroa crystal skull

Where have crystal skulls been found?

Crystal skulls have been found mostly in brazil, Peru, and other south American countries, although one or more have been found in Madagascar.

Is there such thing as crystal skulls?

Yes, there have been several crystal skulls found over the years. Many have been attributed to the Mayan and Aztec civilisations. You can find out more in the related link below.

How do you find Halo 3 skulls?

This wensite has the locations of all the skulls in halo 3

When will Indiana Jones crystal skulls be released?

October 23 or 27

What make of cars were used in crystal skulls movie?

european cars

How do you get the hayabusa armor?

to unlock the body you need to obtain 5 of the hidden skulls. to unlock the shoulders you need to obtain 9 of the hidden skulls. to unlock the head you need to obtain all 13 of the hidden skulls. If you're having trouble then go to It has all the skulls locations.

WHAT IS danger of dealing with crystal skulls?

None. They are all fakes. Check out

How do you beat kingdom of the crystal skulls wii?

beat part 1,2,and3

What is Crystal skulls legend?

The ancient Mayans believed in the mystical power of 13 crystal skulls. They believed that when all 13 skulls were together again, it would stop the end of the world. The ancient Mayans predicted that the year 2012 would be the apocalypse. Holy crap! That's the year I graduate high school! Anyway, the skulls found were estimated to be 5,000 or more years old. The skulls are reported to exhibit paranormal activity, like in the Indiana Jones movie. Some believers in the paranormal claim that the crystal skulls can produce miracles. But, yes, the Maya calender predicts that December 21, 2012 will be the date of a great catastrophe, and that only the reuniting of all original crystal skulls can forestall this event. That's gonna be a sucky Christmas. ~Kidiu

How many alien skulls where there in Indiana Jones and the crystal skulls?

There were thirteen. At First there were only twelve, but then Indiana Jones returned the last one in the end of the movie.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Crystal Skulls - 2008?

The cast of The Crystal Skulls - 2008 includes: Harrison Ford as himself Guy Hendrix Dyas as himself George Lucas as himself John Rosengrant as himself Steven Spielberg as himself

What are the TM locations for Pokemon Crystal?


Where do you fing the skulls on Halo 3? is were I found them

Where do you find the skulls in Halo 3?

I'm too bothered to write it myself so... Go down to the bottom where it says Gold Skulls and Silver Skulls. Click on one of the links below it, and it should tell you.

How do you save the earth from coming to an end?

the only way for stopping the world to end is find all of the crystal skulls.

Where can you get a model of a crystal skull like the one in Indiana Jones that is not a toy?

The crystal skulls are skulls from an alien and some people have found some and they claim it heals the sick and has many great powers. So basically, you can't go on Ebay and find someone selling them for $25.99. You have to be a skilled archeologist.

How do you get the hayabusa helmet?

To obtain Hayabusa Powered Assault Armor, you must collect campaign skulls in Halo 3. To get the helmet, you must obtain all 13 skulls. For the shoulders, you must obtain 9 skulls. For the chest plate, you must obtain five skulls. For skull locations, see the following article:

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