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The most garment bags from Louis Vuitton are sold in Los Angeles. Garment bags from Louise Vuitton are very popular and are being used by thousands of people from around the world.

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What is the most popular Louis Vuitton bag?

The Speedy and the Neverfull are Louis Vuittion's most popular bags.

Where in the world can you buy the cheapest Louis vuitton bags?

lol honestly japan.... :D its stilll reall.. oh no in china i think you will find the most cheapest one for example this louis vuitton bags website www.rsporder.com lots of cheaper louis vuitton , maybe you can try

Which brand makes the most luxurious accessories bags?

Louis Vuitton makes the most luxurious accessories bags. They are known for their design and high price. However, many argue that Coach makes the most luxurious accessories bags.

Is Louis Vuitton the most popular brand.?

No. Louis Vuitton is the third most popular brand. The most popular is Chanel.

How much are louis vuitton bags?

$870-well over $3,000. hope i helped (the runway bags are the most expensive), the multicolor LV is like $1,000-a bit over $2,000

Where can you buy a replica Louis Vuitton handbag?

You can try online store selling designer's handbags like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci and Hermes. You can buy a replica louis Vuitton at a large Asian Supermarket. There is usually a small store or booth inside the market that sells designer knock off bags and wallets. Most of these bags still cost around $45 dollars but are definitely worth it when compared to the real thing. or try this online shop bjmall.org

Why is a Louis Vuitton logo imprinted on their products?

The Louis Vuitton logo is well known throughout the fashion industry. The monogram print of the Louis Vuitton logo is their most famous design. It is imprinted as a status symbol for the owner of the bag.

When was Louis vuitton made?

Louis Vuitton Malletier -- commonly referred to as Louis Vuitton (French: [lwi vɥitɔ̃], commonly /ˈluːiː viːˈtɒn/), or shortened to LV -- is a French fashion house founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton. The label is well known for its LV monogram, which is featured on most products, ranging from luxury trunks and leather goods to ready-to-wear, shoes, watches, jewellery, accessories, sunglasses, and books. Louis Vuitton is one of the world's leading international fashion houses. Louis Vuitton sells its products through standalone boutiques, lease departments in high-end department stores.

How can you tell a real Louis Vuitton Speedy from a fake one?

Louis Vuitton Speedy's are the most popularly copied purses on the market. The real Louis Vuittons will have a double-stitch on the inside, but only a single on the outside, Vuitton's signature style.

How do you know if your louis vuitton wallet is real?

There are three main ways you can be assure your Louis Vuitton wallet is genuine. Firstly, only buy a Louis Vuitton from a trusted dealer or better still, purchase your wallet from an official Louis Vuitton shop. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind.Secondly, a reliable way to tell whether your Louis Vuitton wallet is real or not is to refer to your Certificate of Authenticity. Do not buy a wallet unless this Certificate is present and can be verified. The certificate of authenticity that came with my Louis Vuitton wallet looks a bit like a gold banner with the words "Louis Vuitton" on it. Surrounding the label, there is an inscription that says "Manufactured by Louis Vuitton U.S.A. Under Special Licence to the French Co.". The certificate may vary slightly but you should make sure it is genuine.The third way to verify a LV wallet is to take it to a Louis Vuitton dealer and get them to verify your product for you. This may come at a cost in some places.

Where can one purchase a Louis Vuitton wallet?

A Louis Vuitton wallet tends to be on the expensive side for most individuals. Amazon sells them for a discounted price for those people who cannot afford to pay full price.

Why is Louis vuitton important to the french culture?

Louis Vuitton opened the world of fashion and high-end merchandise to the French. He was one of the first and most famous (still is today) francophone businessmen at the time which resulted in the success of his company "Louis Vuitton". He was an important asset to the French because he made the French known for quality and style.

What is the most expensive item in the Louis Vuitton collection?

A jacket at the store in NYC retails for $182,000.

What are some of the products made in Paris France?

Louis Vuitton is a French fashion house founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton. The label is well known for its LV monogram, which is featured on most products, ranging from luxury trunks and leather goods to, shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories, and sunglasses. Louis Vuitton is one of the world's leading international fashion houses.

What is the name of the lock used on Louis Vuitton and Goyard luggage?

Most of what I found was "LV Hardware", I did find various other items that may help:* Vintage Louis Vuitton Wardrobe trunk Featuring Lock # 078278. * Vintage Louis Vuitton Trunk is in Excellent Condition, c1900. Featuring Serial Number 745885 and Lock number 050575* This Unique Antique Louis Vuitton Wardrobe Trunk is in Excellent Condition, c1900. Lock Number 057495 With the LV monogrammed canvas,

What is the highest ranked purse brand?

That's a tough one. Its probably ranked in different ways... This is what I think... Most Expensive and Lux. 1.Louis Vuitton 2.Channel 3. Coach Most Popular with teens-young adults (college kids) 1. Vera Bradly (EW!) 2. Coach 3. Juicy Couture Most Classic 1. Louis Vuitton 2 Coach 3. Gucci So in my opinion I think Louis Vuitton is the best.

How do you tell if a Louis vuitton is fake?

hey! I have two Louis Vuitton bags, one Speedy 30 and one Pochette Accessoirres. Here are a few ways to tell if a Louis Vuitton bag is a fake: 1. stitching- the stitching on an authentic LV will be extremely uniform, even, and symmetrical. The thread used on the monogram canvas should be a yellow-gold colour. 2. handles- if the handles come wrapped in plastic or tissue, it is most likely fake. Real LVs will come in a dust bag but normally will not be wrapped in tissue or plastic. Also, the leather on authentic LVs is made of cowhide and should feel soft to the touch. The leather will also darken over time. 3. price- if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Louis Vuitton does not hold sales and no one with a real LV is going to sell it cheap- I would not take any chances to save money by buying off ebay, etc. I would but it right from Louis Vuitton so there is no doubt that it's real. 4. logos- on some bags, such as the speedy, the logos will be upside down on one side because Louis Vuitton makes the sides with one continuous piece of leather, which means one side is flipped. Also, the logos should be evenly spaced and symmetrical on both sides. The logos should be spaced so they do not fall under a handle, etc. 5. locks- most authentic LV bags DO NOT have locks on them- check the Louis Vuitton website and compare the pictures of the real bag to the other one- they should be identical. If not, don't buy the other one! 6. The fabric on the inside should be soft and good-quality. For the monogram canvas bags, it should be a light tan color and shouldn't have a print on it. Hope this helped!

What designer brand is most often reproduced as fakes?

Lots of purses, Coach, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, etc.

Is Prada or Louis vuitton more expensive?

of course, it always depends on what you are buying but in most cases, i think that prada is more expensive.

Is louie vito a brand name of glasses?

Louis Vuitton make sunglasses aye, but most famous for their handbags & other tarty material.

What is the most famous fashion store in France?

The Louis Vuitton luxury store is probably the most famous store on the Champs-Elysées, Paris, France.

Where can you go in New Hampshire to see if your Louis vuitton bag is real or fake?

there are no Louis vuitton stores in nh. but there is one in Boston Massachusetts. go there and bring your bag.ask for the mananger of the store to come out and examine your bag to tell if it is real. in most cases there is no one in the store bettter qualified to do that than the mananger.

Which famous people wear or use Louis Vuitton designs?

the celebrity ive seen with the most Louis vuitton items is Jessica Simpson.she has a ton of their stuff.she gets all the new designs that come in.she loves them.but ive also seen britney spears, rihanna,and kanye west with them

What is the most expensive clothing brand?

For Men: Steffano Ricci, Kiton, Brioni, Hermes, Armani, A Bathing Ape (Bape), Billionaire Boys Club, Louis Vuitton, Gucci For Women: Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Marc Jacob, Dior, Guess, Fendi, Versace, Louis Vuitton For women and men and kids; Ralph Lauren is ridiculously expensive!

How d you know if a Louis Vuitton wallet is fake?

That's an easy one. Louis Vuitton is spelled with two t's, not one. A lot of times their wallets have an L and V crossing over each other. The most obvious answer is the price. The cheapest wallet I ever saw was 300 dollars so if it's any cheaper it probably isn't real.

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