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There are two opal idols. One is hidden behind a pillar in Tanglevine Jungle and you need to use the Ghost Ray power to see it. The other is buried beneath the pile of rocks inside the Jaguar Temple. You will need the levitation power to float over to it.

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Q: Where are the opal idols on dizzywood?
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What if the opal idol isn't there in dizzywood?

The opal idol iz deffinatly there, ive found it!

Where is the pillar in dizzywood?

Its in Tanglevine jungle where onca is in front of him is a small pillar also u will find the opal idol there

Where are the 2 hidden green eyes on dizzywood?

The two opal idols, which are used as the green eyes in the statue in Jaguar Temple, are easy to find. The first is hidden in Tanglevine Jungle right near the ghost jaguar. You need to play his game challenges to with the Ghost Ray power and then use it on the pillar near him. The first opal idol is there. The second opal idol is in the Jaguar Temple buried under a pile of rocks on one of the platforms. Go there with friends and move your mouse over the pile very quickly. In a few minutes the pile will move and the second opal idol will be revealed.

How do you get zap power on dizzywood?

You need to have the levitation, invisibility and ghost ray powers first. Go to Tanglevine Jungle and use the Ghost Ray power on the pillar near the ghost jaguar who gave you the Ghost Ray power. Then you will get an opal idol. Then go to Jaguar Temple and float over to the platform that has the pile of rocks. Clear away the pile of rocks to get the second opal idol. then float back over to the platform with the giant statue and click on it to place both opal idols inside the eyes. Then you will get the zap power. then go to a ramdom dizzie and ask them to kiss

I can't seem to get ghost opal idol dizzywood?

The ghost opal idol is hidden behind a pillar right in front of the ghost in Tanglevine Jungle. You need to win the Ghost Ray power from him first and then use the ghost ray on the pillar to see the opal idol. It's a blue-green ball and you will see it appear when you use the power on the pillar.

Are there different kinds of opal?

The types of Opal that i am familiar with are White Opal, Fire Opal, Boulder Opal, Black Opal, Crystal Opal, Light Opal, Doublet Opal, Triplet Opal, Common Opal, Synthetic Opal, and Immitation Opal.

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You can't get on Dizzywood when it is not available!

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An Ethiopian opal is an opal-CT, whereas an Australian opal is an opal-A. The Ethiopian opal is made up of leptospheres, instead of small amorphous silica spheres like the Australian opal.

Where is the dizzywood doodlebug?

Your question is really wrong! there is no such thing as a doodlebug from dizzywood

Where is the Glow flower seeds in dizzywood?

there is no glow flower seeds in dizzywood!!!

Where is Montana jacks journal in dizzywood?

search crazymay dizzywood blog in google

How do you get into the TV room on dizzywood?

You zap the TV which will take you to the dizzywood TV studios

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crazymay dizzywood blog seacrh it in GOOGLE

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rearrange solid to the image of your face?