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Where are the oxygen sensors located on a 1995 Honda Accord 2.2 L Are any special tools required for removal replacement?

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One is for certain under the hood, in the exhaust manifold with a wire attached to it. You will need a special socket to replace it. I believe it is a 22 mm socket, deep well and the side is partially cut away to allow for the wiring harness that goes with it. You can take out the old one with a regular 22 mm deep well, just cut off the wiring leads as it is just anyway, unclip the one end, cut it away at the sensor end. To put the new one back on with the wire lead you need the cut away side wall of this special tool. Just a socket with a large gap in the side. Easy to do, but might be "welded" in due to corrosion. I had to rethread the hole when I was done.

2007-12-24 04:16:29
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Where is the knock sensors 2007 Toyota Tacoma 4.0L?

They are located down in the engine block valley. Accessing the knock sensors requires cylinder head removal..........sorry.

Olds 98 cutlass how do you replace an o2 sensor?

The 1998 General Motors/Oldsmobile Cutlass came equipped with the 3100 V6. This vehicle has multiple O2 sensors located up and downstream of the catalytic converter. Removal and replacement of the O2 sensors requires first disconnected their wiring harnesses. Then they can be removed from the exhaust piping by a wrench. If the mileage is sufficiently high enough it is advisable to replace them altogether.

Where are the O2 sensors located?

All O2 sensors are threaded into the exhaust system at various points. Upstream O2 sensors are located before the catalytic converter(s) and downstream O2 sensors are located after the catalytic converter(s).

Where are 02 sensors located on 99 merc villager and how hard are they too get out?

Actually, there are two O2 sensors. One upstream on the exhaust manifold and one downstream at the catalytic converter. Either should be tested before shot-in-the-dark replacement.

Where is the knock sensor location on a 2004 Toyota Sienna?

Sienna's have two knock sensors located in the valley underneath the intake manifold. Replacement is a three hour job.

Where do you find an oxygen sensor on a 1999 ford F150?

O2 sensors are always located on the exhaust system.O2 sensors are always located on the exhaust system.

Where is the camshaft sensors located on Mercedes 2002 1800cc engine?

where is the camshaft sensors located on Mercedes 2002 1800cc engine

Where are the sensors located on a 1995 Windstar GL?

there are alot of sensors which one are you looking for

Where are the airbag sensors located on 2006 silverado?

where are the airbag sensors on a 2006 silverado

Where is oxygen sensor on 1990 grand prix 3100 mclaren?

O2 sensors are always located on the exhaust system.O2 sensors are always located on the exhaust system.

Where is knock sensor of gm savana van 2004 5.3L?

the knock sensors (there are 2 of them) are located under the intake manifold on the 5.3 engine,,,,,requires complete removal of manifold to replace.

How do you replace the oxygen sensors on a 2003 Honda Accord EX?

O2 sensors are located in the exhaust stream usually before and after the catalytic converter, it is the only thing that is screwed into the exhaust system and so you dont damage them you should buy an o2 sensor removal tool which is a deep socket with a slot in the side for the wire connector. just unscrew the old one and screw in the new. dont forget to reconnect the wire connector and but only original replacement.

Does the 1994 Mazda 626 transmission have sensors and if so how many and where located?

sure do they got four on the left on the right in the front..and one in the back this year has a vehicle speed sensor mounted on the transmission. I believe that the 4 sensors mentioned would be abs sensors, replacement of them should be done by a trained profeffional.

Where are the oxygen sensors located in the 2000 Pontiac Montana?

they are located in the exhaust system Where ? how many 02 sensors on a 2003 Pontiac Montana

Where is the o2 sensors located on a 1997 Plymouth grand voyager?

o2 sensors are located on the muffler located in the back there are 2 o2 sensors each costing about $70 each at your local auto zone hope this helps ELIA

Where is the PCM sensor located on a 2002 Dodge Durango?

The PCM uses a dozen sensors that are located all over the engine.

Where is 92 cadillac sedan 4.9 oxygen sensors?

The oxygen sensors are located in the exhaust pipes.

Where are sensors located in a 2000 firebird?


Where is the 2005 GMC air bag sensors located?

the front impact sensors are between the lower radiator support and front bumber. If equipped with side impact sensors they would be located in the panel the front seatbelt straps pull out from. The rear sensors are located between the rear bumper and rear axle on the frame rail

Where are oxygen sensors located on a Ford Escape?

There are 2 O2 sensors. One is upstream, which is before the catalytic converter, and a downstream, which is after. It shouldn't that hard to locate as you can find the wire that hooks into the exhaust system. I'd help you with removal but I'm no mechanic. I just know where things are from watching my dad's mechanics.

Where are the ABS sensors located on a 1995 Ford Probe GT?

there located in the rear hub....take of tire, remove the brake assembly and then remove the wheel will then see it behind the hub(it has a flat end and a chrome color.) removal is simple after doing all that.

Where are the O2 sensors on a 1999 Silverado Z71?

The O2 sensors are located between the exhaust manifolds and the cat converter. They screw in to the head pipes. Those are also called upstream O2 sensors and in some vehicles they are also called air/fuel sensors. There are also downstream O2 sensors that are located after the catalytic converter.

Where are the door sensors located on a 97 Lincoln Continental?

the door sensors are part of the door latchinside the door

Where is the sensors located on a ford 2002 escape?

There are many sensors on that vehicle. Need to know which ones you are looking for.

Where are the speed sensors located on a 96 Chevy Blazer 4.3 4 wheel drive?

speed sensors are located on front hubs remove the wheel and you will see what looks like a serated disk the sensors are located adjacent to these These sensors are for the ABS and do not control the speedometer. The vehicle speed sensor is somewhere on the transmition or transfer case. Exactly where I am also trying to find out.