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has two oxegyn sensors,one is located very front of engine where front spark plug wires are it's jus below there ,should have a wire on it,the other is under the vehicle jus where the manifold leaves the engine its under neath by the catalytic converter,,,i need to replace mine to,had a diagnostic done and it came back with codes on the oxagyn sensors and erg valve i took the erg valveoff and cleaned it like crazy with carburetor cleaner,,be advised ,ues nothing else carburetor cleaner evaporates,well this worked forthe light went off and stayed off forlike a day and a half then back on,sensors cost like 140 for both,may have to replace the erg valve,,,i will prob put bot of mine on my self saving me money,,,tell me your oprob too,,hit me back! i have a 1997 sc1 coupe,love the car great gas milage,,,but hate the light on cant get it inspected to save my life ...good luck email me at maestro379 @,,,give me info as well ok !later !!!!

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โˆ™ 2011-09-14 10:52:38
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Q: Where are the oxygen sensors on the 1996 Saturn SC1?
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