Best Answer there is one picture of bumpy or just Google his name that is how i found the picture


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Q: Where are the pictures of Gangster Bumpy Johnson?
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Are There Any Photos Of Harlem Gangster Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson?

If you do an Internet search for his name, some photos will appear.

When did Bumpy Johnson die?

Bumpy Johnson died on 1968-07-07.

When was Bumpy Johnson born?

Bumpy Johnson was born on 1905-10-31.

When was The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP created?

The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP was created on 2011-04-19.

Was bumpy Johnson in Alcatraz?

Yes, he was. Ellsworth Raymond Johnson AKA "Bumpy" is one of the most recognized inmates of Alcatraz.

Did bumpy Johnson dated a woman name Francine hughes?

Yes Bumpy Johnson dated a woman name Francine Hughes.

How long was bumpy Johnson in Alcatraz?

4 Years, 1954-1958

Is Justin Bieber a Canadian gangster?

yes, as a matter of fact he is a Canadian gangster. well only in pictures.

Was bumpy Johnson in the Harlem Renaissance?

Bumpy Johnson was alive and in Harlem during the Harlem Renaissance years. BUT he did not contribute to the rebirth of African American Culture through the arts, music and literature. So, he was "around" it but not "in" it.

What are the release dates for Celebrity Crime Files - 2012 Bumpy Johnson 2-5?

Celebrity Crime Files - 2012 Bumpy Johnson 2-5 was released on: USA: 2 September 2013

What did bumpy Johnson do?

Ellsworth "Bumpy" Johnson, AZ-1117, became involved in the Harlem numbers Racket. He was also convicted of selling heroine on several occasions, which ended up sending him to Leavenworth and later Alcatraz.

How did bumpy Johnson die?

heart attack 1968

On the internet data movie base for American gangster the role of Bumpy Johnson not listed as being played by Clarence Williams III?

Clarence Williams III is listed for the role of "Bumpy Johnson" on internet movie data base ( At the bottom of the cast list, click the button "more" and the entire cast list will come up and he is listed at the bottom for the role, next to last. His performance was uncredited on the film cast credits that roll up at the end of the film. I do not know why.

Where can you find pictures of gangster wife Julie Lucas?

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Where there poems written by Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson?

My understanding is that he learned to write poems while in prison and these were part of the Harlem Renaissance

Did ellsworth Raymond go to Alcatraz?

Yes, Raymond Ellsworth "Bumpy" Johnson was an infamous inmate for several years at Alcatraz.

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