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Pressure points are nerve clusters located in many places in the body, such as in the solar plexus, there are over 100. Many Chinese medicine types of books wil have a chart that shows them, as do many Martial Arts books

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Q: Where are the pressure points on the body?
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How many pressure points are there in the human body?

There are 358 Pressure points in the body

Where is a chart of the pressure points on the human body?

There are 365 pressure points on the human body and 365 accupressure points

Are there 365 or 385 pressure points in the human body?

Thear are 385 pressure points in the human body.

Picture of pressure points in body?

A picture of pressure points in body can be very useful for various medical processes. Acupuncture is one of therapies that relies on the pressure points of the body so as to become efficient.

What are first aid pressure points?

points in your body that hurt when pressed or when pressure is applied.

What are Common pressure points in a female body?

orgasin pressure point in a female body ?????? how to do the pressure point

Where are the 4 pressure points in the human body?

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How many pressure points are there in body?


Where are the pressure points in the human body?

pressure points are located near the shoulders, kidneys, and below the butt

What does the term 'pressure area care' mean?

relieving the body of pressure at certain points

What are the seven main pressure points on your body?

There are many types of pressure points. Some are called trigger points, others include; tender points, tsubos, aschi points, marmas, alarm points, and back shu points.

Where is there lots of pressure in the body?

There are several pressure points throughout the body. This included the head area, along with back and especially the feet. When we experience stress, these points become overwhelmed with pressure and other bodily pain. This is why we press our heads and other parts of the body to alleviate the pressure and pain.

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