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Q: Where are the scrols on crash bandicoot ds?
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Is Crash Bandicoot available for the DS?

Yes in Crash boom bang.

Crash Bandicoot crash of the titans how do I kill dingodile ds lite?

Jack a titan then keep pressing B at him.

Is Crash Bandicoot related to Coco Bandicoot?

Yes. Coco is Crash Bandicoot's sister.

What is the latest Crash Bandicoot game?

The latest Crash Bandicoot games are the Crash Nitro Kart 3D or the Crash Bandicoot iPhone App.

Is crash bandicoot a fox?

No, he is a bandicoot.

Is crash bandicoot real?

No, crash bandicoot is a made up character but bandicoot's are real animals

What was crash bandicoot was inspired by?

Crash is inspired by an animal called a Bandicoot.

How many cancelled Crash Bandicoot games are there?

Crash Bandicoot Ps2 pitch Crash Nitro kart by TT Oxford Crush Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot Evolution Krome studio's cancelled Crash pitch Crash Clash Racing Cortex Chaos Crash tag team Racing (DS) Crash Online Crash Landed Crash Team Racing 2010 Crash game by Vicarious Visions (now Skylanders Swap Force) As far as we know, around 12 cancelled/vaporware projects found and discovered.

Is Coco bandicoot on level 8 of Crash Bandicoot Warped?

She isn't in the 8th level of crash bandicoot warped, but she is in the 8th level of crash bandicoot: the wrath of cortex

What year did crash bandicoot come out in?

crash made his video game dabut in 1995 with his first game crash bandicoot the then in 1997 crash bandicoot the wrath of cortex came out and then in 1998 crash bandicoot warped came out

Is crash bandicoot 1 like crash bandicoot 2?

Not really. Crash bandicoot 1 was basically in the same settings doing the same things. Crash bandicoot 2 has different starting rooms with different bosses however there are some classic bosses from crash bandicoot 1. But overall crash bandicoot 2 is better.

What is the best bandicoot deterrent?

crash bandicoot

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