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Q: Where are the seeds on a African violet plant?
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What kind of seeds do African violets produce?

African violet seeds

Is an African violet an angiosperm?

Yes, an African violet [Saintpaulia spp] is an angiosperm. It's a flowering plant that produces seeds. Along with gymnosperms, angiosperms represent the division of flowering plants within the plant kingdom. But angiosperms differ from gymnosperms by having such characteristics as flowering and fruiting with seeds.

What do African violet seeds look like?

The seeds from an African violet are light tan to a light brownish color, very tiny, much smaller than the top of a sewing pin head.

Does african violet reproduce asexually?

Yes, the African Violet plant does reproduce asexually. It reproduces through losing its leaves. From there the leaves regrow the entire plant system.

Name a plant which is not green?

the african violet

How are the African violet seeds and the coconut palm seeds similar?

I have not found any information to say they are similar yet.

What does an African violet plant look like?

Please view the related link below by clicking on the link. There are many gorgeous African violet varieties.

What is a nonflowering plant capable of producing seeds?

Well, there is an African violet that when it blooms there is only the sex parts (pollen sacs) that appear so I am sure there are others. Ask you local nurseryman.

What plant start with the latter a?

African violet is a popular house plant. It begins with the letter a.

What flower plant grows from a leaf?

Bryophyllum and African violet

What is the St Paulia house plant commonly known as?

African Violet

House plants that begin with letter a?

African violet is a house plant. It begins with the letter a.

How do you get seeds out of an African violet?

To produce seeds, the African violet must be pollinated, either by itself (rarely happens), by insects (happens sometimes) or by human intervention. African violets have both male and female attributes so they can be "self-crossed" or pollinated with pollen of any other African violet. When pollination works, a seed pod will appear at the base of the flower. You have to wait until the pod grows, and dries (it turns brown). The whole process can take up to 9-10 months. When the seed pod is mature, you only have to gently open it with a sharp knife and get the seeds. One seed pod usually produce at least 500 seeds (seeds are almost as small as dust).

What is an African violet?

An African violet is a one crowned plant that produces beautiful flowers at around 6 months. An array of colors from yellow, pink,blue-purple, red, rose and much more. There are also trailing types of African violets.

How does the african violet plant reproduce?

African Violets have seeds just like many flowers. The seeds are so small they almost look like 1/4 of an Ant. The seeds need moist and warm conditions. When planted the germination times vary by cross and by cultural conditions, but most seeds will germinate within 9 to 60 days, some may take longer. The best things about African violets is that they bloom over and over. A real special flower for sure.

How does the African violet disperse its seeds?

Well, African violets in the wild disperse their seeds with the help from birds and certain insects. African violets as a rule do not self polinate because the seed pods are very hard. Hybridizers make a cut or break into the seed some how to get to the powder.

What is a plant that starts wth a A?

African violet, alyssum, aster and azalea are plants. They begin with the letter a.

How are African violet seeds scattered?

Violets seeds are very hard and don't very often self pollinate so we need to puncture it with an exacto knife to get to the pollen to pollinate the stigma.

How do you circumpose and plant a 25 foot African violet tree?

African violets can't grow 25 feet tall. Giant African violets are 12-16 inches.

How do you start new growth from a clump of a violet plant that broke off?

I have given you a link to an African violet Ebook, on page 21 or about there is the answer to your question. Please follow the link below.

How do you take care of an African violet?

An African violet likes moist soil with no direct sun and plenty of fertilizer. When watering, blot off any access water on plant. Keep your African violet in a room between 62˚F and 72˚F. Fertilize everytime you water. Violets need at least six to eight hours of daylight a day.

Does the African violet have a benenfit to humans?

That is an intriguing kuestion. African violets are succulent house plant and is used to beautify the indoor garden.the unikness of that plant add unikness too to the grower cause it is difficult to maintain a healthy type of st.paulia plant.

What is the young of the African violet?

Young plants are called plantlets. You can cut a leaf with a 1 1/2 in stem left on and plant it in some African violet soil. In six weeks you will have tiny plantlets.I mean: The young of the African Violet grows from the parent's ______________. please answer this question !

Plant with purplish pink or white flowers and velvety heart shaped leaves genus saint paulia?

African violet

How can an African violet plant appear in your garden?

Maybe a seed was droped from a bird flying over your house or maybe it was carried by the wind and fell in your yard. This is most likely a wild type of violet.