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Where are the sensors located on a Ford Explorer?


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there are several sensor, you can go to and find out where they are


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The O2 sensor on any vechicle will be located on the exhaust manifold.

That would depend on what year of Ford Explorer and which engine you have ( my 1995 Ford Explorer with the 4.0 liter OHV , V6 engine has ( 2 oxygen sensors )

Ford did not start using knock sensors on the Ford Explorer engines until 1996, when they switched to the EEC-V system.

there is no cable you have speed sensors located in the tail shaft of the transmission

on the exhaust y-pipe there is one on each side of the engine

On a 1995 Ford Explorer : There are ( 2 ) oxygen sensors ( I believe there is one sensor in the outlet of each exhaust manifold )

My Chilton repair manual - engine wiring schematic shows ( 2 ) heated oxygen sensors for the 1993 Ford Explorer

According to my Haynes Explorer Repair Manual : A 1997 Ford Explorer , 5.0 liter V8 engine has ( a total of 4 oxygen sensors )

there are sensors all over the engine, transmission, chassis, etc.

My 1995 Ford Explorer with 4.0 L OHV has 2 oxygen sensors (Helpfull)

Where is the EGR valve located on a 2000 Ford Explorer

where is the 4x4 fuse located in a 2002 ford explorer.

There are several O2 sensors on that vehicle and they are all threaded into the exhaust system at various points.

A 2001 Ford Explorer Sport , with the 4.0 liter Single Over Head Cam V6 engine should have ( 4 oxygen sensors )

where is the sencor in a 2000 ford explorer

Were is fuel injector located on a 1999 ford explorer

There are two, located in the Y-pipe. They are just down from the manifolds. The connector plugs are located above the bellhousing behind the cylinder heads.

Speed Sensors are most generally located on the transmission on the left side of the casing.

how many o2 sensors on a ford e350 van 2003

Where is brake light fuse for 2004 Ford Explorer located

A 1994 Explorer has 2 oxygen sensors, they are either screwed into the exhaust manifolds at their outlets or into the ehaust pipes near the engine.

where is the horn located on a 1999 ford explorer?

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