Where are the spark plugs located in a 1998 Pontiac grand am?


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Under the aluminum cover on top of engine there are 2 coil packs-pull them up off of plugs.


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how to chang spark plugs in a 1992 Pontiac grand prix

the sparks plugs are under the cover on top of the engine

I own a '97 Pontiac grand am where would i find the spark plugs so i can change them?

at the end of the plug wires in the head

There is no spark plug wires on the 2.4L twin cam engine, the spark plugs are located right underneath the top cover on the head

i dont know trying to find the answer my self

The first 3 spark plugs to the right are easy to change,the one on the left you have to loosen up the alternater to get to.

I have the same engine in the 1993 Grand Am SE Coupe and it is a pain to get to. I believe that it is in between the engine and the firewall. I think that I saw it while I was changing my spark plugs. Just shine a light strait down where the cabin side spark plugs are located.

they are located under the coil pack

on top of the engine there is a cover sheild. remove the cover by the four bolt. the plug boots will come with it, the spark plugs are down in the holes.

Give it a tune up. Change the spark plugs and wires..

The spark plug gap for a 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix is .060. Most plugs come pregapped for your vehicle but it is always a good idea to check them.

Spark plugs are located beneath the individual cylinder coils - fairly deep through the center of the head, under the cover.

The 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.4 liter engine spark plug gap should be .028. Most spark plugs come pre-gapped from the manufacturer.

Under the engine top cover ( the piece that says Quad 4 or some thing like that)

2,4,and 6 spark plugs are located in the front by above the exhaust manifold 1,3, and 5 plugs are located in the back below the alternator.

I know you have to remove the upper intake but how difficult is this?

i have a probleme whit my 1996 grand am i cant change the plug cause there a bar on front of it

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