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On top of engine you will see a black colored plate with Kia DOHC 16 V printed into it. This plate is secured by six (6) phillip head screws. Remove screws and lift off plate. You will see two (2) plug wires and two (2)ignitor blocks. Carefully remove plug wires as you would any other, Ignitor blocks are secured by two(2)screws. BE VERY CAREFULL removing wires and blocks as the sparkplugs are recessed about three (3) inches into the block. Use only NGK brand plugs as Autolite and champion will only work well for ashort period if at all. I know from experiance. It is recommended to replace plugwires every 30,000 miles when you change plugs. Plugwires from aKIA dealer will cost you about $20.00 each. The ignitor blocks will run about $75.00 each, but only if they need replacing. Go to

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Q: Where are the spark plugs located on a '99 Kia Sephia?
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