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AnswerThe spark plugs on a '97 Buick Skylark 2.4 four cylinder are located under a aluminum rectangle panel that bolts to the top of the motor. there is a wiring harness on the left side of the car connected to it. There are four bolts holding it on. Each spark plug fits into a ceramic tube that are connected to this panel I have heard that these ceramic tubes are easy to break and expensive to replace.

As said before there is aluminum panel on the top of the block. Remove the bolts and the sensor on the right side. Do NOT lose your little rubber washers. VERY CAREFULLY lift the panel. You will have the four spark plug connectors on the panel. These are plastic and will break easily. It is best to replace these when you replace your spark plugs. Your spark plugs are in the engine block between the two valve covers. These you can get to with an extension and spark plug socket. Do not tighten spark plugs too tight or you can break them. The new plugs should gap at .60 Very carefully replace the aluminum panel. You will not feel any kind of click. Hand tighten the bolts into the panel. They should go in easily if you have the panel lined up correctly. Dont force the bolts or cross thread them.

For a 3.1 V6, they're easy to find but the back plugs are very hard to get at. Use a universal joint for your socket wrench and be prepared to do it by touch. I tried that once and it took me an hour. (Who designs these things anyway?) From then on, I take it to a pro.

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Q: Where are the spark plugs located on a 1997 Buick Skylark?
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How many spark plugs are in a 96 Buick Skylark?

A 6-cylinder has SIX and a 4-cylinder has FOUR spark plugs.... Am I missing something here?

Where are the spark plugs located on a 1988 Buick Skylark?

Screwed into the head or heads. actually its not that easy to find the skylarks spark plugs. Just FIY one of them is under the alternator so have fun changin that one i know i didnt.

How do you access spark plugs on 1995 Buick Riviera v6?

the spark plugs are located on the front of the engine under the hood

How many spark plugs are in a 1997 Buick Skylark 6 cylinder engine?

1 plug per cylinder so 6

How do you change the spark plugs in a 95 Buick Skylark?

I believe there is a slightly finned top on this motor (quad 4). remove the bolts on this and it should remove the finned plate, giving access to the spark plugs underneath.

What is the spark plug gap for a 1992 Buick Skylark with a 6 cylinder engine?

I think it's .06 but if you get Bosch Platinum plugs, you won't have to worry about it.

Where are sparkplugs on Buick skylark 1992?

Just follow the spark plug wires....

How do you change the spark plugs on a 1995 Buick Skylark?

It's a royal pain... The back plugs are the hardest to get at if you have a 6-cylinder engine. It's not impossible but you might have to rely on sense of feel. (Who designs these things anyway?)

Where is the oxygen sensor in a 1992 Buick Skylark?

the oxygen sensor is located in/on the exhaust looks like a spark plug with a wire coming out of the top

What is a miss fire in a Buick?

Check spark plugs and wires

How do you install spark plugs and spark wires in a 1974 buick 455.?

One at a time

How do you change spark plugs on 1996 Buick Century?

Remove the spark plugs wire and remove the plugs wit a spaerk plug wrench or socket.

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