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Spark plugsfor a 98' explorer, if you remove the wheels there is a panel that can be removed behind the rotors that gives you acces to all of the spark plugs. i was changing the brake pads on my 98' explorer and it needed spark plugs to, and i saw this panel, removes it curiously and whala, there were all of the spark plugs! Carefulbe very careful with this one, apparently these have a ton of troubles with the spark plugs BLOWING from the heads.. apparently the Alum. head where the spark plug screws into only has 3 threads for the plug to seat in, which is not sufficient for holding these plugs in very well..The reason I am bringing this up is if you try to replace these plugs yourself and if you OVER TIGHTEN the plugs, you can strip the threads very easily.The end result of strippen the threads on the heads is a very expensive head replacement @ $3KAlso, I looked on my '98 expedition and I don't know how it is possible to reach some of these spark plugs.

(the spark plugs are located above the valve covers and UNDER a "COP", which instead of a typical spark plug wire you will have a Coil with a couple of wires coming from it.)

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Q: Where are the spark plugs on a 2000 Ford Expedition and how do you change them?
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