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All over the world. Michael Montagne

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Q: Where are the sunken ships of World War 2?
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What were Q ships in World War 2?

they were disguised ships in World War 2.

What were the cargo ships escorted by war ships during World War 2?

"Liberty ships" .

What was the cruise ship sunken in World War 2?

There were actually multiple sunken cruisers in World War 2. These include the Abukuma sunk 26 October 1944 and the Admiral Scheer sunk 9 April 1945.

On what island of Hawaii was the USS Arizona sunken during world war 2?

Oahu Oahu

What did a World War 2 sailor do?

They fought on the big war ships.

How many ships did german submarines sink in World War 2?

2,779 ships

How many ships participated in World War 2 and how many were sunk?

There were 105,127 ships participated in WW2. 36,387 ships were destroyed at the end of the war.

Why did Germans sink merchant ships in World War 2?

to win the war

How big was the largest army of World War 2?

The largest "Army" of World War 2 was the Allied Force sent on D-Day (Invasion of Normandy) and the other largest army was the Russian forces that went against the Nazis. Japan had a huge force too but a large majority of them were killed on the islands and in sunken ships.

Did the army have hospital ships in World War 2?


How did they get world war 2 tanks to Africa?

They shipped them on ships.

World War 2 US transport ships?

Were the mass produced US Liberty ships.

What was the no war talk during World War 2?

"Loose Lips sinks Ships".

What did Henry kaiser do in world war 2?

Henry Kaiser was an American industrialist and the owner of Kaiser Shipyard during World War 2. His company made Liberty ships and Victory Ships to aid in the war efforts.

How many ships did America have before the attack on Japan in world War 2?

Over 250 ships

How many ships were sunk in the Irish Sea during world war 2?

ther are tenships

What ships were used to transport nurses during world war 2?

Hospital ships and standard transports (Victory and Liberty ships).

How many German ships were sunk in World War 2?

Most of them.

Did they have elevators on World War 2 ships?

yes but only for planes

Q words dealing with world war 2?

Q ships

How many US ships were produced in World War 2?


Were there navy rifleman on ships during World War 2?


Who supplied the Liberty Ships during World War 2?

US and Canadian shipyards produced 2,710 Liberty Ships for the war effort.

Did Mexico fought in World War 2?

yes they fought in world war 2 because Germany sink one of Mexico ships

If someone was to discover a sunken world war 2 German U boat can you keep it?

Unless sunk for target practice (meaning there's no bodies in them); all sunken warships are WAR GRAVES! Diving in a sunken "warship" (battle sunk) is walking the grey line between "pleasure diving" and "grave robbing."