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If i think i know what you are asking, there are two marks on the cam gears that line up they both should be in the enter facin g each other just lne it up and lock it so you can then loosen the belt tensioners and put on he belt while your down there you might as well replace the water pump and the tesnsioner which has a recall on it Its worth about 175 dollars because you can only buy a component kit for it which is the two tensioners and the belt . the pump should be like 70 but its all worth it because if you have a problem woith one because its a one inme job for about another 100K mi. johnathan ruggeri email

AnswerAfter removing the Valve cover and the upper timing belt cover, the cam gears are exposed completely. Turn the engine with a ratchet from the crankshaft pulley bolt to bring the engine to TDC 1 (top dead center in cylider 1, confirmed by the distributor position) then you should be able to see two small marks on each cam gear that face each other, re-mark their realtionship with white ink, as well as marking the relationship of the crankshaft toothed sprocket to the block. Only after you have marked clearly the raltionships between cams and crankshaft you can now release the small spring holding the tensioner, relieving the tension on the belt, remove the belt. After the belt is removed the camshafts will rotate a little due to valve spring pressure, use a holding tool or a helper to bring the cams back in position and then put the new belt in place. It is good idea to change water pump and tensioner and idler too, once you are there. As it will be also recomendable to change the valve stem seals (known to be useless after 100.000 miles)and check hydraulic lifters. Before starting the engine, rotate it with a wrench to be sure the timing is right after some turns and it is not off-time. Be careful, as if this procedure is not done correctly, it will result in valves colliding with pistons..Then you will have a very big problem..
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2011-09-14 10:54:44
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Q: Where are the timing belt markings on a 1993 Mazda 626 4 cylinder and how do you install the timing belt?
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