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Main timing marks? Open hood, look at the transmission bell housing. You'll see a tan or green plug screwed into the top of the housing near the engine block. Remove the plug by unscrewing it. Look inside you'll see a pointer cast into the bellhousing. Rotate the engine to line up the notch in the flywheel with the pointer. The notch should be TDC, a cast set of bumps (center bump) usually indicates the advanced timing 6D BTDC.

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Q: Where are the timing marks located on a 1991 Volkswagen?
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The timing marks on a 1991 Toyota Tercel are on the crank pulley. They are located on the front of the pulley and under the cam.

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There are raised ridges oon the plastic timing cover that provide the timing marks

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Timimg marks are on the harmonic balancer and pointer is on the lower timing cover

Where are the timing marks on the camshaft timing belt gear on a 1991 Toyota tercel so the timing belt can be reinstalled correctly with engine at TDC?

getting the marks aligned correctly is important to insure the amount of power you will have.

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Timing marks are always on the crankshaft, usually on the pulley closest to the block. This is because the timing must be based upon the position of the number one piston, which is connected to the crankshaft.

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