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Where are the timing marks on a 1991 F-150 4.9L and what do they look like?

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Looking at the engine from the front of the vehicle, find the crankshaft pulley, it should be below the fan pulley (toward the ground). There is a small mark on the crankshaft pulley. Also mounted on the engine the is a piece of metal that looks like teeth kinda looks something like this - ---vvvvvvvvvv/\vvv--- Those are your timing marks. Each tooth is one degree and the larger concave space is TDC of the compression stroke for the #1 cylinder

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What are the Timing chain marks on an 01 olds intrigue 3.5?

I have a 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue 3.5 liter, I will like to know were the Timing chain marks.

Where are the timing marks for rover 216?

would like a picture

How can i find timing marks 1998 vortec eng?

I could be wrong, but I have a Vortec 350 in a GMC truck and I think the computer handles the ignition timing. If your talking about valve timing I would assume there are marks on the timing gears like the days of old, but I haven't torn the timing cover off of mine yet.

Where are the timing marks for a 1988 Ford F-150 truck?

on the harmonic balancer the big pully in front of the motor it will be a line the timing marks are visible from the front of the engine looks like a saw

Why won't my Ford f150 engine shut off when key is turned off?

sounds like a bad timing issue

Where are the timing marks for a 1997 Isuzu Rodeo 2.6 and what do they look like?

make sure the camshaft sprocket timing mark is aligned with the upper back cover and cranksaft sprocket timing marks align the crank mark with the cast-in mark on the front seal retainer.

How do you put timing in Mazda R2 engine?

There are 3 timing marks to consider on timing the Mazda r2 just like any engine. crank timing, fuel injection timing and the valve timing. these 3 have markers to align. The crankshaft have timing marks on the pulley pointed by a pointing rod. 4 lines marks the timing. the crankshaft is dead center on the first cylinder whene the pointer is pointed on the center of the foul lines. The injection pump is marked by a line on the pulley and the notch on the plate of the front cover. The camshaft is marked the same way. Be sure that you rotate the pulley clockwise to align these marks to ensure tightness of the timing belt.

Where are the timing marks on a 97 Grand Am 3100?

i will like to know where is the mark on a grand am 3100 grand am thx

How do you set the timing on a 1992 Volkswagen Passat GL 2.0 liter?

After disassembling to expose timing belt, look for TDC and ATDC timing marks. Align them, allowing 43 centimeters. Set BTDC mark in like manner.

Where are timing marks for 99 zx2 for timing belt?

I don't believe there are any, Ford most likely would like you to bring the car in to one of their professionals so they can charge an arm and a leg.

You have changed the timing belt on your vectra b and the engine is miss firing?

sounds like your a tooth out on the belt , recheck the pins and marks.

How do you time a Mazda 2200 R2 diesel engine?

Timing an engine requires that it have spark plugs, a diesel engine only has glow plus, no timing required. Now, if the valve to piston timing is off, you will need to replace the timing belt or chain, aligning the timing marks then. Get a repair manual like a Chilton's.

Where can i find a timing chain diagram for 292 ford motor?

Unless you're fortunate enough to find a repair manual, doubt you'll find a diagram. The key in replacing the chain and gears is proper timing mark alignment. Have your timing marks turned towards the left side of the engine (this should be the oil filter side) and there should be twelve pins on the chain between the timing marks on the gears. If you try to align the marks like a later model engine (that is, pointing towards one another) well,...............................

Where are the timing marks on the camshaft sprockets on a 92 Volvo 960?

There is one arrow etched in the side of the sprocket that look like this: > for the left side cam and for the right it looks like this: < They need to line up with the plastic timing belt cut outs

How do you time the timing belt on a 1991 Suzuki 4 door Sidekick?

Waht is the engine number, size etc. I imagine it is like most other engines, in that you set the crank to TDC, and position the camshafts agaisnt the marks - fit the new belt ane then rotate the engine manaually for 2 turns, re check the marks and if all is OK, refit the covers. Roy

Where is the 2 deg.BTDC timing mark and what does it look like?

Modern engines with EFI don't have timing marks on the harmonic balancer. Timing is controlled by the ECU and not adjustable. On older cars, yes, we need what engine

Why would a 1991 Toyota Celica 2.2 16 valve still have trouble starting after replacing the timing belt with a timing belt kit and setting the timing marks?

Providing that you used a shop manuals info, everything should be working fine. However, if you did not set the timing marks to match before you removed the old belt (or even if it broke off) it won't start.Also, try reasing any trouble code from the computer, by disconeecting the neg bat terminal for like 10 secs. In reality you have not stated what made you replace the belt in the first place, understand.If it was that the belt broke off while driving, then I do hope you set the timing marks at the lower crankshaft and upper Camshaft. (there are marks for this). That's why its important to have the vehicles shop manual. Also, I hope you used a timing light to do the final touch. good luck.AnswerThe upper timing mark is really hard to see clean off the bearing housing behind the cam gear mark it with a whiteout pen or touchup paint then align the crank timing using the same method. As for your ground and resetting the ecu I hope you pulled ground before doing a timing belt>? Once you get the belt on turn the car over by hand twice min. Look and see if your timing marks align still. If they don't then pull the belt and do it again. It's easy to jump teeth.

You have a problem with a 1993 f150 6 cylinder starter engages for about 2 turns then seems to backfire and shuts down?

It sounds like the timing is bad. You'll need to have a mechanic check it.

How do you reset the camshafts and timing after renewing headgasket?

each car model will have its own way of resetting the timing but all should have some form of timing marks on pulleys/ camshafts. Refer to a workshop manual for the make /model/year of your vehicle - they are usually quite good for things like this.

Where do the timing marks on a Mazda MX3's camshafts have to be set?

If it is a gs there are little marks on the engine the left camshaft is about 11:00 and the right is about 9:00 you will see the marks if you look close enough the crank is at 12:00 there is little arrows and yellow dots on the cam sprockets The marks on the engine are like little nipples

How much to replace timing belt on 1991 Celica 2.2 GT?

200 for the job from friend from shop like 4 to 600

How do you find a picture layout of a 1991 accord timing marks?

go to your local shop, they should have a program like alldata or something along its lines. if there cool they will hook u up with a very detailed diagram, but its hard to tell, due to the fact that its a professional tool and some people dont like lettin other people borrow there tools

Why would the engine shake and have a loss of power in a 1991 ford bronco?

Sounds like the engine is missing, check the plugs, wires, timing

Your timing chain fell off during head gasket change how do you set it back for normal operation?

Depends on the car but most have timing notches on the cam and the crank and you will have to rotate them to the correct area so that the timing marks match up if you list the motor I might be able to explain better but many are like this.

How do you fit a cambelt on a 306 and what are timing pins?

include engine brand and displacement but it sounds like u are trying to install a timing belt. timing pins are usually the marks used to realign the cam to crank or they what the timing gear is aliened with really hard to know with not knowing what make it is and the belt wont fit because theirs some sort of tensioner that has to be backed off