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Two of the timing marks on a 98 zx2 can be located by removing the valve cover. On the the end of the cams opposite of the cam gears, there are two slots. The slots need to be lined up with each other and a flat bar inserted into them (1 bar slid into both slots at the same time). This is the method used to set the timing for the cams.

There is another set of timing marks on the lower crank pulley. They are two indentations on the crank which are barely noticeable. If the timing belt is being changed, the lower crank pulley must be removed. The lower crank gear is marked with the word front on it. This can be used to set top dead center (TDC) by turning the crank until the word front points toward the front of the car. These timing marks on the crank are not the best or easiest method to determine TDC. TDC can be determined with a crank locking tool or by removing the #1 spark plug (nearest the timing belt), inserting a long screwdriver and turning the crank until the screwdriver rests at its highest point.

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Q: Where are the timing marks on a 98 escort zx2?
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