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If you are asking where they play, then they play at the Rogers Centre (1 Blue Jays Way) in Toronto.

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Can blue jays glide?

how do blue jays glide

Are blue jays are mammals?

Blue jays are birds.

What major league teams did Marco Scutaro play for?

Marco Scutaro originally played for the NY Mets later traded to the Oakland A's then played for the Toranto Blue Jays and now plays for the Boston Red Sox

Who is Bobby Cox?

He is the manager of the MLB Atlanta Braves baseball team since 1986 and a former third baseman. He also managed the Toranto Blue Jays from 1982-1985 WHAT?!?!?! who is bobby cox? he is: 1. the current manager of the atlanta braves. 2. a former 3rd basebman for the New York Yankees. 3. he used to be the manager for the Toronto blue jays.

What color do blue jays like?

Blue jays like the color light blue

How do blue jays behave?

Blue jays are noisy, aggressive birds.

What is the blue jays team mascot?

The blue jays mascot is Ace.

Where did the Toronto Blue Jays originate?

The Toronto Blue Jays were founded in Toronto in 1977. The "Blue Jays" name originates from the bird of the same name. The team is nicknamed "the Jays".

What are baby blue jays called?

a baby blue jays are called chick

What do blue do jays before nesting?

blue jays mate before they nest.

What are male blue jays called?

Male blue Jays are called cocks.

1943-1944 name for Phillies?

=Blue Jays==Blue Jays=

Where in Canada do blue jays live?

blue jays live in all of Canada

How many blue jays are there in the world?

their is over millions over blue jays

Are Blue Jays going extinct?

Blue jays are not endangered or extinct.

When was Toronto Blue Jays created?

Toronto Blue Jays was created in 1977.

What animals are similar to blue jays?

Stellars Jays (blue/blue gray with black heads) and Cardinals (males red females brownish) are very similar in appearance to Blue Jays.

What year did the Toronto Blue Jays start to play?

The Blue Jays were founded in 1977.

What is a group of blue jays called?

A group of blue jays is called a band or party

Where do Blue Jays live?

Blue jays live in Canada in nests that are built on trees.

Where do blue jays live in canada?

blue jays live all across Canada.

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