Where are the two gold tickets located in Murder World in the game Marvel Ultimate Alliance?

You can get one of the tickets by doing the pinball game where you have to get a million points to pass it..anything that you see...hit it repeatedly unless it shocks you. You will not be able to get the ticket until you have gotten all the points. Also there are two ramps in there that lead to different monsters that are wicked easy to beat. To get a million points in the pinball you have to hit the faces in rows of four

The other ticket is in the Maze-O-Death, which you get to by going through the fairgrounds. (Look for the Toy Claw Challenge, if you find it, you can press the buttons and Blaze will be unlocked.) To get to the maze, there is a strength test. Find the hammer, and pound the thing by pressing a button.(The button you should press will be onscreen.)