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Where are the vacuum lines for the ac damper door switch on a 1995 Cavalier located and why is there lots of air blowing at my feet when it should be coming from chosen vents?



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The vacuum hoses to which you refer run through the firewall from the engine compartment along with the wire loom. These can enter the passenger compartment at either side, or both sides, and extend through the hidden areas behind the dash panel. From this point, they extend to the controls on the climate switch, to the vacuum-servo motors on the ductwork, and to the cruise-control switch on the brake pedal lever. If supply vacuum is interrupted at any point for any of these components, their proper functioning will be interrupted. This can occur if vacuum hoses are disconnected under the hood, in the passenger compartment(usually near the floor), or at the various controls. If the damper doors have ceased to function, then the first place to look for the culprit is the gold-looking servo connected to the door pivot. This should have a nipple made into it for the purpose of attaching its vacuum source. If the vacuum line has come loose, it will be hanging there near it--- Plug it back on... If there is no vacuum through that line, then either the switch is not allowing vacuum through to it, or the connector on the switch has come loose, or there is an interruption in supply vacuum from under the hood. Once the operation of the servo has been put right, it should function normally, provided the rest of the vacuum lines are intact and hooked up.