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The wiper relays in my 1995 Safari were inside the wiper motor housing. They kept going out because water would get into the housing. If you unscrew the front of the cover, you will see the circuits and contacts. YOu can clean the contacts, but the best bet is just to replace the entire thing.

on my 98 safari i thought water was getting into my wiper motor, since the only time they acted up is when it was raining,and they would work - when they felt like it - or when i would flex the wiring connector which led into the wiper motor - called my dealer they said it would be the circuit board, I removed the screws from the cover of the wiper motor which is the circuit board and with the wiring harness still plugged into it i pulled it towards me to reveal the components on the other side, the relay is the first the you see when you follow the wiring into the circuit board, you will see 4 to 5 solder points connecting the relay to the circuit board, these solder joints worked loose, to repair simply resolder adding additional solder.

The boards are releativley cheap at the auto stores, but before spending the money try unplugging and replugging the connectors to the boards.

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Q: Where are the wiper relays in a 1997 GMC Safari?
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