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Techbargains have many cheap digital SLR cameras for sale. One can also find cheap SLR digital cameras available at amazon, best buy, Curry's and ebay.

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Q: Where are there cheap Digital SLR cameras for sale?
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Are digital cameras and digital SLR's the same?

No, digital SLR's are just one type of digital camera.

What does SLR stand for in digital SLR cameras?

Digital SLR referes to "digital single-lens reflex." This terminology is often used when speaking about cameras. Such cameras can allow the photographer to change lenses as he or she sees fit.

Where can one find digital SLR cameras for sale?

One can find digital SLR cameras for sale on the daily newspapers. Oneline, one can check with PC Mag, BestBuy, Tech Radar, Amazon, eBay, Argos, Currys, Sulit, Sears, JB HiFi, etc.

How do SLR cameras work?

SLR cameras are for pro photographers. Digital point and shoot cameras have a less budget than SLR's and have less features.

How much better are slr digital cameras than the conventional digital camera?

SLR digital cameras are professional grade cameras which have settings which may be manipulated to produce outstanding photos that otherwise could not be achieved with a regular digital camera

What brand is better in choosing digital SLR cameras?


Where can someone purchase the best digital slr camera?

SLR digital cameras are very high quality cameras that sell for decently low prices. Brand new and refurbished SLR cameras can be purchased in the electronics section at department stroes such as Walmart, Kmart, or Target.

Which digital SLR has the most lens options?

canon and olympus are leaders in digital slr cameras and they have very wide range of lens options.

What is a good cheap slr digital cameras with HD?

The Nikon D3100 is reasonably priced digital slr camera that also features HD. Online prices range from $500-$800, with many of those packages including multiple lenses.

Which websites have comparisons of digital SLR cameras?

Currently, there are three major comparison sites for digital SLR cameras on the web. Those sites are Snapsort, What Digital Camera, and DP Review, which is probably the most comprehensive of the three.

How many digital cameras are there? offer variety of brand name digital cameras, including SLR Professional and Compact Point & Shot types of cameras.

What are the best brands for digital SLR cameras?

The best brands for digital SLR cameras are: Epson, Canon, Casio, Axis, JVC, Java, Lenovo, Panasonic, Olympus, Medion, Nikon, Samsung, Sony, and Sanyo.

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