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I don't believe that they are being manufactured any more for the US market. Call your VW dealer and double check this.

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The VW Transporter T4 (Eurovan in the US) - was, for a period of time, the most popular delivery van in Europe. These trucks are pretty bullet-proof. There are mechanics in the US, like Karmakanix in Berkeley, who can look at your Eurovan and tell you exactly what it needs tody and what it will need in the near-future. What makes Karmakanix spexial is that ther is an abundance of PhDs and factorey-trained mechanics there who, philosophically, do not ascribe to the dealership mentality of using minimal flowcharts to eliminate small problems by getting to the root of the problem and replacing only what really needs it.

As these vans are built as flexible platforms for big & small cargo-hauling, people transport, and recereational use, they will look at your van and assess what is important to replace now versus what can wait. In their own way, Eurovans are pretty sturdy. They cannot compare to a W123 Mercedes, but they're pretty tough.

Dealerships go through a flowchart that tells them to replace entire sub-systems rather than getting into what detail is making the subsystem fail. Finding a smilar place n your area will be a discovery process, but if you succeed, you will fnd that typically the things that fail on Eurovans are pretty small, and that they cn be fixed almost in perpetuity.

Find an independent mechanic known on VW lists, like ev-update on Yahoo groups, where you can have a dialogue with someone who has seen the problem before, and your repair costst will plummet, and results will improve many-fold.

There are several things poorly designed in these vans, but not all.

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Q: Where are websites for new Eurovan full campers?
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