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The cable is usually adjusted under the car. If the E-Brake is not holding and needs adjusting, this is a sign that the rear brakes need replacing.

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Q: Where below the dash do you make the E- Brake adjustment?
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Why does 2002 Jeep Wrangler dash brake light blink?

Check the emergancy brake cable- as it starts to wear, it stretches & leaves slack in the cable. There should be an adjustment to remove this slack. The tension in the cable pulls the lever to not make the switch for the brake light come on.

What would cause your dash brake light to stay on and constantly chime when your 95 Bonneville is in gear and fluid is full?

have you checked the sensor for the break fluid You can also check your parking brake, make sure it is all the way up and check the switch on it also for proper adjustment.

How do you adjust parking brake on a Chevy s-10 2003?

Start with an inspection and adjustment of the parking brake shoes by removing the rear brake rotors. If the brake shoes are good and they are adjusted up and you still need more adjustment, make final adjustments on the brake cables under the drivers side of the vehicle.

How do you make an adjustment on a 1999 dodge caravan parking brake?

Check under the vehicle near the rear where the cable splits into left/right; you mayfind adjustment there.

What would make the brake lights not work on a 2003 VW Bug?

Bad bulbs? Blown fuse? Brake light switch defective or out of adjustment

What would make a Dodge Intrepid 2000 not shift out of park?

Check for a blown brake light fuse. Check for a broken or out of adjustment brake light switch.

What could make both brake lights stay on?

The reason for the brake light's staying on are that the switch is faulty, To find the switch, look at the brake pedal and follow it up to just below the dash area, the switch is located on a bracket, pull off the wire's and unscrew it from the bracket. buy a replacement (about

1999 kia dim brake warning light?

check brake fluid in master cyclinder,make sure it is not low.also check emergency brake for being say 1/2 on or the emergency brake switch itself for out of adjustment.

Why is my dash brake light come on and off?

Depends on the make of car, but most likely you are low on brake fluid. Check it before driving.

Brake lights dont work on 99 Leganza I replaced fuse 17 Should I check the fuses under the hood or is there a way you can check if the brake light switch is defective without replacing it?

Check under the dash along the back side of the brake pedal arm, the brake light switch is mounted there. Some tomes it comes loose from the mounting and the adjustment is off and the arm does not make contact with the switch. This happened to mine.

Why is the warning brake light on inside the dash if there is nothing wrong with the sensors or the pads on a 325ci 2001 BMW?

Make sure brake fluid is at the proper level in the master cylinder Make sure parking brake is fully released

How do you make a long dash on Pages?

Like the one below? _________________________________________________________________ The dash can be made by repeating underscores. Usually on Word, if you start a long dash, it will extend to the other side.

Why doesn't your cruise control shut off when you touch the brake pedal?

depending on the vehicle it should have 2 defaults both connected to the brake pedal check to make sure they are not out of adjustment: 1) Electrical --make sure brake lights are working 2) Vacuum "Dump" valve

What is the dash light that looks like a sun with a P in it?

I believe that you are talking about a emergency brake symbol. Make sure that the parking brake is completely off. Good luck.

Why is parking brake light not showing on Porsche 944?

Check the simple switch below the hand break leaver. It can easily be bent out of shape so the contact does not make contact with earth. Also check the lamp in the dash

Brake light in dash stays on 1986 celeberty eurosport?

Check brake fluid level in master cylinder Make sure parking brake is released Check to see that parking brake switch has not come loose from its mounting bracket

What woulld cause the brake light on the dash of my 1995 buick lesabre to come on intermittently?

Could be low brake fluid. Emergency brake could be partly on-make sure it is pulled completely in the up position.

Getting right brake light message so think you need to change but also left brake light is staying on Any ideas brake switch adjustment?

You might want to check the brake light bulbs on both sides to make sure the are in correctly and clean sockets.

2000 infiniti i30 how do you shut off brake light on dash?

make sure the res- is full of break fluid

Should brakes on a 1999 ford expedition make a whooshing soundand the red brake light on dash stay on?

no , there is a problem

Why would your turn signal indicators on the dash in a 90 jeep commanche only light up when you depress the brake?

replace taillight bulbs first. filiment from brake light can break and make a connection to your park light. pressing brake pedal can light up your turn indicators, or even park/dash lights

Why does dashboard brake light indicator blink on and off on 1997 Toyota tacoma especially when I am going around turns?

Your brake fluid is low or your parking brake switch is going bad or out of adjustment. make sure the brake fluid reservoir is full, and check your brake pads first. as your pads are consumed the fluid level will drop.

How soft do you have to hit the breaks on a car to make them flash?

That depends on the individual vehicle. There is an adjustable electric switch under the dash that is actuated by the brake pedal movement. Normally this switch can be adjusted from having the brake lights on all the time to never having them come on at all. Obviously the correct adjustment is to light the lights when the pedal has moved a short distance but before the brakes are actually being applied.

How do you adjust parking brake on silverado 2000?

First make sure rear service brakes are adjusted properly Parking brake adjustment should either be at the junction of the three cable under vehicle or at the parking brake handle (May have to remove trim to access)

Why is dash brake light on in my Acura CL?

Check the level of brake fluid in master cylinder - if low could be indicator that brake pads are worn and need replacement or leak in system and needs attention. Check to make sure that parking brake is fully released