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Where can 11 year olds volunteer with animals at?

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Can 11 year olds volunteer for animal shelters in Virginia?

anyone can volunteer:]

Can 11 year olds volunteer at Yonkers Animal Shelter?


Where can 11 year olds volunteer at animal shelters?

it all depends on the shelter or rescue

Where can 11 year olds volunteer?

You would have to have an adult with you, but local animal shelters will except volunteers anytime.

Can 11 year old kids in Oregon volunteer at animal shelters?

Yes, just call the shelter and see if they have a volunteer program and see how old you have to be. I have seen quite a few animal shelter accept 11 year olds.

Can 11 year olds play halo reach?

Yes 11 year olds can play reach. Im 12 btw

Is infamous 2 appropriate for 11 year olds?

No it's ok for a 11 year olds.

Any Good websites for 11 year-olds?

Redtube is a very popular site among 11-year olds.

What jobs are available to 11 year olds?

Some charity shops accept 10 and 11 year olds.

Are 11 year olds allowed to volunteer with babies in a adoption center?

No, they would not permit someone as young as 11 to volunteer to look after babies in an adoption center. You need to take special courses for that. Keep it in mind though for the future as I am sure you would be very good at it.

What jobs are there for 11-13 year olds?

babysitting, newspaper routes, and walking and takinge care of animals.

Does Dylan sprose date 11 and 12 year olds?

12 year olds

Do doctors recommend contacts for 11 or 12-year-olds?


Can 11 year olds be babysitters?

11 year olds are to young to be baby sitters. They can help you baby sit but not for long periods.

Will Cody Simpson date 11 year olds?

i HIGHLY doubt it! he's a teen and 11 year olds just... arent.

Can an 11 year old volunteer at petsmart?

yes i did

What jobs can a 11-year old get?

there are no jobs 11 year olds can get

Where can 11 year olds volenteer with animals in cork?

they can voulanteere in the animal rescue center in glanmire across the way from the brook inn

Can 11 year olds sperm?


Are 11 year olds legal to babysit?

Yes 11 year olds can babysit as long as his/her parents can trust her/him.thank you for your question it has been my pleasure to answer it for you!

Is MySpace a good place for ummm 11 year olds?

Myspace is pretty much full of 11 year olds, fake accounts, and predators.

Does the Hammond animal shelter in Louisiana let 11 year olds volunteer there?

I dont think it would being as the child labor laws state you have to be atleast 14 years old.

What jobs can eleven year olds do in Dorset?

Its illegal to put 11 year olds into work. 14 is the minimum

Can you be 11 years old to be a volunteer for animals?

I'm pretty sure you can, I'm 11 year old and I'm planning on volunteering at my local vets office this summer I'm also planning on babysitting after I get my license this year.

What kind of jobs can 11 years olds have in doncaster?

they could act or perhaps volunteer someplace such as an animal shelter or petshop