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You can buy a swimming pool heater in the Burlington, Vermont are at Leslie's Pool Supplies. They have a great selection.


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no you need a stronger heater specifically designed for a swimming pool

The swimming pool heater service usually takes about 1 to 2 hours. This of course can change if you have a larger heater.

Unless you leave the heater on, Yes

Call a swimming pool tech to trouble shoot then show you how everything works.

There are no combination heater/cooler units that we are aware of. The would have to be separate units.

That would depend on which heater model.

Depends on what you want out of your pool ... If swimming only during the hot months is okay, then you don't need a heater. However, if you would like to extend your swimming season, you should consider a heater. A solar heating system can extend your swimming season a couple of months earlier and a couple of months later, but probably can't heat your pool year round. For example, here in sunny Southern California, I can comfortably swim from March through October (with water temps of over 80F). A gas or other fuel-based heater can provide year round swimming, if desired.

form_title=Swimming Pool Heater Repair form_header=11623 Please specify the type of pool you have.*= () In ground () Spa/hot tub () Above ground Which kind of heater are you using?*= () Natural gas () Propane () Oil () Electric immersion () Heat pump () Solar () Solar blanket () Unsure Please indicate why you need service/repair? (Check all that apply)*= [] Heater won't turn on [] Pilot light won't stay lit [] Heater leaking [] Heater cycles on and off [] Heater won't shut off [] Water not heating to desired temperature [] Need regular maintenance [] Other

Hayward is a very popular brand of swimming pool heater. Raypak and Max-E Therm are other popular brands.

form_title=Swimming Pool Heater Installation or Replacement form_header=11613 Please select the type of pool that needs to be heated*= () Above ground () Spa/hot tub () In ground What type of heater would you like to use? (Select all that apply)*= [] Natural-gas fired [] Propane-gas fired [] Electric [] Heat pump [] Solar heater [] Want recommendation Is the pool indoor or outdoor?*= () Indoor () Outdoor

With a thermostatically controlled gas heater. Solar heaters are also used for pools.

My propane company advised me NOT to use my pool heater. They said my pool heater would burn 5 to 6 gallons of propane per hour.

The yellow pages under swimming pools. Or if you live in Calif, Nev, Fl, Tx, Az look up IPSSA.Com or Do you have a portable spa? Electric heater could be the problem. A gas heater would not trip the breaker. K

I always left the solar cover on the pool except when I was swimming in it. The solar cover provided enough heat so I did not need to turn on my heater. If the heater pushes the solar cover aside, remove the solar cover from that part of the pool.

You can find swimming pool heaters from All-Air of South Dade. Pool Leaks Plus, which is also in Miami, specializes in pool repairs, but is also available for consultations regarding the best swimming pool heater for your pool and the best place to make your purchase.

Do you have a pool heater? The oil could be "white oil," a refined mineral oil. Indicates a problem with the heat exchanger. Your heater doesn't need to be running for this problem to occur.

At a minimum you would need a 400K btu gas heater. This pool is larger than a 20 x 40' pool or 800 sq. ft. Many things dictate the size or sizing of a pool heater such as the surface area of the pool, the size of the gas line from the meter to the heater, the distance of the run from the meter to the heater, the size or capacity of the gas meter, etc. Proper sizing is a must if your heater is to run at optimum standards.

The thermostat for the heater is on the heater. Remote controls for the heater or other pool equipment is not an automatic option. You must contact a swimming pool professional skilled at installing remote controls for your pool equipment in a location which is convenient for you in your home. k

Re-read your question - think about exactly what you want to ask and then restate your question so that it makes more sense.

because people are to cheap to pay to turn on the heater. and so people will take faster showers and wont waste water

You can expect to spend at least a thousand dollars on a heater for your swimming pool. It is worth it to shop around because you might get it cheaper online. You will want to look for the brands and do a little research on the quality since this product is costly.

If a malfunction occurred there is the possibility of electricity entering the pool. Therefore, the bond wire should always be attached.

"normal" levels of chlorine don't damage plumbing. However abnormal levels of pH will.

Yes. Try the Aqua Heat Swimming pool heating system. The web address is

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