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You can buy key lime juice in many grocery stores around the United States. You can also order it online at the KeyLimeJuice website.

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Lime juice vs key lime juice?

The difference between key lime juice and lime juice is the aroma and the flavor. Key Limes have a flavor more similar to a lemon.

Why are there no limes in key lime pie?

There is key lime "juice" in key lime pie.

Who invented key lime pie?

No one knows who invented key lime pie. The particular lime called the Key Lime was brought to America by the Spanish. Key Lime Pie would have been created after condensed milk had been invented. True key lime pie requires juice from the round Key Lime and not the juice from the oblong Persian Lime. Key Lime juice has a higher pH than Persian Lime Juice, which means it is not as acidic and it has a far more pleasant aftertaste. That juice is mixed with condensed milk and other ingredients.

How much lime juice do you use in a recipe when it calls for Key lime juice?

The same amount. Although, lime juice tastes a little different than regular lime.

What makes key lime pie tart?

The juice of key limes makes key lime pie tart.

What is key lime juice?

Key lime juice is nothing more than juice from a variety of limes called key limes. they are smaller than the Persian limes typically found in American grocery stores.

What stores carry key lime juice?


You can't get key lime juice so can you substitute with regular lime juice?

Yes it's like 1 cup of lime juice with 1 1/2 Tablespoons of zest for a substitute

What is the difference between regular limes and key limes?

key limes are much smaller, but have more intense flavor. When using the juice in cooking, use about 1/3rd less key lime juice than lime juice for the same results.

What cocktail name begins with a K?

Key West Screwdriver is a cocktail. The ingredients include vodka, lime juice, orange juice and a slice of lime.

Can lime juice be substituted for key lime juice in a recipe?

Yes, but the flavor will differ slightly. Key limes are both more acidic and bitter than the larger Persian lime. This gives then a distinctly stronger flavor. For desserts and drinks featuring lime, such as key lime pie, a regular lime will give a much milder flavor. A preference for one or the other often depends on what recipe is used, or the individual using it.

What are the ingredients in lime juice?

The ingrdient of lime juice is lime juice. There may be water and/or sugar added.

How many calories are in key lime juice?

Lime juice and lime zest will enhance the flavor of fruits, vegetables, salads, and other dishes without adding fat or a lot of calories. It also allows less salt to be ...Key limes are not readily available as are the Tahitian limes

What is the juice in a lime called?

It is called Lime Juice

What does a lime juice tub mean?

A lime juice tub was a ship that served lime juice to prevent scurvy.

What is key lime as in key lime pie?

A type of lime that is found and grown in the Florida Key Islands. They're smaller and more tart compared to the limes you might buy at the grocery store.

Is lime juice a base?

Lime juice is fairly acidic.

Is lemon juice and lime juice the same thing?

No, lemon juice and lime juice are not the same thing.

How much lime juice equals one lime?

1 lime = 2 Tablespoons of juice.

What is the recipe for lime juice?

You need to cut the lime in half. You then just squeeze out of the lime juice.

Which is more dense lemon juice or lime juice?

Lemon juice is more dense than lime juice.

Is lime juice an acid or base?

lime juice is an acid, not a base

How do you make lime juice?

How do you make lime juice without lemons?

What is the acidity of lime juice?

The pH of lime juice is 2.0-2.35

What are some good recipes for Key Lime?

Making key lime pie with real lime juice is excellent! Topping it off with whipped cream is delicious and many with love it. There are many websites online that have varying recipes, but will help you.

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