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You can buy waterproof soccer shoes in Pasadena, CA at many locations, including at Club Run with Us and the Footlocker. will help you to located more shoe stores in your area.

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โˆ™ 2010-04-14 05:53:39
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Q: Where can I buy waterproof soccer shoes in Pasadena, CA?
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Where can one buy waterproof hiking shoes?

One can buy waterproof hiking shoes at an outdoor equipment store, such as REI Outfitters. One can also buy a waterproofing spray and spray it onto standard hiking shoes.

Where can I buy women's waterproof running shoes from?

You can buy women's waterproof running shoes from any place that sells sporting shoes. For example, journeys, footlocker, and dunhams. Or you could use duct tape on your old lousy shoes.

Are running shoes necessary?

I would recommend you buy running shoes. Soccer shoes are for soccer and are not made for running. If you use soccer shoes for running you may risk injury.

How to waterproof shoes?

Go to shoe store and buy Mink oil. That's how I used to do all my shoes.

What is the nike soccer code?

buy the shoes.

Where to buy soccer shoes in Toronto?

In sport shops

Are there products available to waterproof children's tennis shoes?

Yes, there are sprays you can buy at sporting good stores to waterproof shoes. You can also buy them at shoe stores.

Where could I buy some waterproof running shoes from?

You can find waterproof running shoes at most online sports retailers such as sports direct or pro-direct running. Alternatively there are retailers such as amazon and play who also sell waterproof shoes. If you don't want to use the internet you can go to your local sports supplies shop and ask them if they have any waterproof running shoes in stock.

Would you like to have my indoor soccer shoes?

No, I do not want to have your indoor soccer shoes but you can put an ad up online to see if anybody would like to buy your indoor soccer shoes on kijiji or craigslist

Can you use indoor soccer shoes for outdoors?

Yes but you shouldn't do that because you could slip. I would rather buy outdoor soccer shoes.

Where can I buy a good pair of soccer shoes?

Adidas is a good company to buy soccer shoes from. They make a large assortment of them. You could also check with a sporting goods store in your area.

Where can I purchase waterproof shoes for men?

You can buy waterproof running shoes for men at your local sports store. You can also find great deals on websites like and E Bay whilst some are used.

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