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I´m from Argentina, but i downloaded this movie from Ares! Try it... is a worth watching movie... absolutely great with excellent performances!!

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Did Ellen Page and Steve Carell star in the movie Dadnapped?

no, don't know about Steve Carell. but Ellen page has never made a movie called Dadnapped.

Was Ellen page really pregnant in the movie?

You mean in the movie Juno, and No, she wasn't.

Who plaled juno macguff in the movie juno?

Ellen page

What character does Ellen Page play in the movie Inception?


Was Ellen Page in X-Men the Last Stand the movie?

Actress Ellen Page did have a part in the movie X-Men: The Last Stand. She played the characters of Kitty Pryde / Shadowcat.

Who plays juno?

Ellen Page plays Juno in the movie Juno

Is Ellen Page Jewish?

No, Ellen Page is not Jewish.

Does Ellen page have a husband?

Ellen Page is not married.

Who played Juno in the movie Juno?

Ellen page played Juno in the film

Is Ellen page a vegan?

Yes, Ellen Page is a vegan.

What is the birth name of Ellen Page?

Ellen Page's birth name is Ellen Philpotts-Page.

Is Ellen Page dead?

No ellen page is very much alive

What is the name of the lead actor in the Movie Juno?

Ellen Page played Juno Macguff.

When was Ellen Page born?

Ellen Page was born on February 21, 1987.

Is Ellen page in a relationship?

Ellen Page is married to her wife, Emma Portner.

When did Ellen Page come out?

Ellen Page came out during February of 2013.

Is Juno really pregnant in 'Juno'?

No Ellen Page was not pregnant in the movie. It was a fake belly.

What nicknames does Ellen Page go by?

Ellen Page goes by The Tiny Canadian, and Small.

Ellen Page made an appearance in the 3rd X-Men movie to play what animistic role?

== ==

How old is Ellen Page?

Ellen Page is 30 years old (birthdate: February 21, 1987).

What size shoe does Ellen page wear?

Ellen page wears a sze 5 running shoe.

Which movies featured Ellen Page?

Ellen Page made her movie debut in the made for TV movie Pit Pony. She then went on to appear in several other made for TV movies including: Homeless to Harvard, Going for Broke, I Downloaded a Ghost, and Mrs. Ashboro's Cat. She was also featured in the movies Touch & Go, Hard Candy, Mouth to Mouth, X-Men: The Last Stand, An American Crime, The Tracey Fragments, Juno, The Stone Angel, Whip It, Peacock, Inception, Super, Tilda, To Rome with Love, Touchy Feely, and The East.

Is Ellen page a smoker?

No. Ellen doesn't like smoke.

Is Ellen page pregnant?


Who sings Anyone Else But You from Juno?

in real life - moldy peaches in the movie - Micheal Cera & Ellen Page