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Q: Where can I find a Diagram of colt woodsman?
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How do you disassemble a colt woodsman?

how do you disassemble a colt woodsman

What is the age of a Colt 22 woodsman serial?

You will have to call Colt with the sn to find out.

Where can you download an owners manual for a Colt Woodsman Match Target pistol?

From Colt. Follow the link below, and scroll down to find your version of the Colt Woodsman. You can download the manual as a PDF file.

What year was colt woodsman ser?

Since you did not provide the serial number, you will have to call Colt to find out.

When was Colt woodsman SN 74960 manufactured?

A Colt woodsman .22 with that serial number was made in 1930.

What year is this colt 22 woodsman serial number 85119?

colt woodsman 22 automatic 851119 made about 1934

How do you find year made for colt woodsman 22 serial 141905?

made about 1941

I have just purchased a Colt Woodsman from it's original owner serial 107758 how do I find out the value?

go to: / or / look up the colt woodsman pistol and compare condition and price of pistol being sold to your pistol.................

What year was a colt woodsman serial number 75789 made?

That particular Woodsman was made in mid-1950.

What is manufactor date for colt 2853s?

If it is a Colt woodsman or match target,sround 1949.

What is the value of a colt 22 semi automatic pistol?

Colt woodsman 22, about $500.

How do i find out what series of woodsman colt pistiol i have?

Provide a detailed description, especially on the sights and magazine and magazine relaease

Colt woodsman serial55575-s date of manufacture? has Colt sn data.

When was colt woodsman serial number 74540 manufactured?


What was the mfg date of your colt woodsman sn 25056s?


Did they make a colt woodsman match target stainless?

AFAIK, no.

Magazine for colt woodsman 22cal?


What is the value of a colt woodsman pistol serial 180328s?

about 1958

What year were colt woodsman manufactured serial 25840?

About 1921.

22 cal colt woodsman good condition?


How do breakdown a 1921 colt woodsman?

Best to get help from a gunsmith.

What year is a colt woodsman serial number 55472?


What year is a colt huntsman 058976s?

The records I have show a Colt woodsman with that serial number made in 1974.

Info for a colt woodsman serial number 33479?

Made in 1923.

What year is your colt woodsman serial number 80726?

It was made in 1931.