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Where can I find a diagram of the driving belt routing for a 99 Oldsmobile Intrigue 3.5 L Motor?



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Sorry, but this wiki doesn't allow images. Verbal description of the complete serpentine belt loop on a 99 Olds 3.5 V6: Top of CAM to top of ALTERNATOR - bottom of ALTERNATOR to top of nearby (front) PULLEY - bottom of PULLEY to top of A/C COMPRESSOR - bottom of COMPRESSOR to bottom of CRANK - top of CRANK to bottom of middle PULLEY - top of middle PULLEY to bottom of rear TENSIONER - top of TENSIONER to back to top of CAM. Remember the serpentine belt has ribs on only one side, the ribs face AWAY from the two guide pulleys and TOWARD the pulleys on the Alternator, Compressor, Crank, Cam and Tensioner. You should tell by the pulley being smooth or ribbed as needed.