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Where can I find a good dentist in Norfolk, VA so that I can have healthy teeth?


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The best way to find a dentist is to ask people who are patients of that dentist. Ask all your friends, co-workers, neighbors if they have a dentist that they highly recommend.

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One can find a dentist that specializes in teeth whitening in the white pages. Normally they give descriptions under their ad's. Most dentists specialize in it.

First find a dentist willing to do that.

Most dentists are quite friendly. If it is your first trip to the dentist, you may find it a little scary because you do not know what he/she is going to do, but you will get used to visiting dentists. After all, dentists are there to help you have healthy teeth which is a good thing. If your talking about the horror film then YES!

Many dental clinics can provide you with temporary denture. Depending on what area you can usually find a good dentist that will make your dentures promptly.

A dentist that practices gentle dental care is 'Gentle Dental Care'. They are based in Sydney, Australia and offer services including orthodontic, pediatric, wisdom teeth and teeth whitening.

In order to answer your question, I need to know your location.

Where can i find a dentist in camberwell


Yes. That's what being a dentist is all about. Fixing your teeth or chucking them! If you don't want to pull teeth I would suggest you find a different career idea or be a Denist's assistant. If your his assistant you will be handing him tools and sucking blood and water from someones mouth all day.

The only way to find out what's wrong with your tongue and teeth is to see a dentist. If there is something wrong with your teeth, like being broken, they could be scratching your tongue which can make it sensitive.

form_title=Find a Dentist to Install A Cosmetic Veneer form_header=A veneer can improve the shape, structure and view of your teeth. Are you missing any teeth?= () Yes () No What is the main reason you want veneers?=_ Would this be covered by insurance?= () Yes () No

It means you need to see a dentist to find out what is going on with you teeth. If, instead of your teeth breaking like chalk, your fingers broke off and you felt no pain, would you hesitate to see a doctor? See a dentist before you feel pain.

Quite honestly it depends on your dentist and your teeth. When I got my retainers my dentist told me to wear them 24/7 for six months. After that I'll wear them only at night. The best way to find out how long you'll have to wear them is to ask your dentist.

Ask your friends and co-workers for recommendations on a good quality dentist. Always carry dental insurance. These are your teeth. You want to take care of them.

A nearby dentist may be found by using 1 800 Dentist or Mouth Healthy. Bother services provide phone and web based forms that allows users to enter their postal codes and then displays numerous dentists in the area.

no, because dentist and orthodontist are two diffrent fields. dentist clean teeeth, and orthadontist work on moving teeth. You will need to be examed by a orthodontist to find out what plan is for you. Dentist may however suggest braces, but most are not qualified to give you them. And if you pay your orthodontist and he says it is safe for your mouth and wont mess anything up, then of course they will help you!

To treat rotten teeth one must see a dental specialist or at least a dentist to find out what is the best treatment that must be given to solve this type of health problem.

Numbness of the teeth can be brought on by clenching your teeth or grinding as you sleep (see your dentist) or sinus infections (clogged sinuses as well) or facial nerve damage possibly by an accident. It is best to see your doctor about this and if they find nothing then please see your dentist. If you do grind your teeth you'll probably have to wear a "bruxing guard" for awhile. Please do, because if you don't you could end up with aching teeth (not caused by cavaties) or TMJ (of the jaw) mainly in women.

Natural Teeth Whitening is a site with some information here. These services are available at any dentist. Also, most toothpaste providers offer special teeth whitening blends.

No. They will take care your teeth so he/she is not scary! There is a local dentist finder that can find the right dentist to consult your problem. There's no harm in asking them since the matching service is free. See related link for more information.

where can i find a dentist that takes medicaid, in tupelo ms

You do not WANT your dentist to clean your teeth. They do a lousy job, and if they are too cheap to hire a hygienist, there is something wrong. Typically, dentists HATE cleaning teeth, as there is no money in it for THEM. That is what a Hygienist is for. I was a registered dental/oral surgery assistant for 14 years. Trust me, you do NOT want a dentist to clean your teeth. Find a good office with a top-rated hygienist. Call your local ADA to get a referral. Some dental hygienist still use the old fashion way of cleaning teeth by scraping and scaling the tartar off. Other dental hygienists have laser to do the job which is faster. It depends how much the dentist is willing to spend on his equipment.

You should. If you didn't (or don't) I would call the dentist/oral surgeon and ask to be prescribed some. If that doesn't work then call your regular doctor and explain the situation to see if he can prescribe yo some and find a new dentist

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