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You can find cheap home tanning beds at:

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2010-02-26 02:19:43
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Q: Where can I find a good price on home tanning beds?
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What are the best quality cheap tanning beds?

I would suggest this one, the radiance trio 26 here at this site Hopefully, its at the price you want as the quality for it is really good. The site also offers good information on tanning beds and tanning.

Where could I find a taning bed?

You can find a tanning bed by looking though your local yellow pages to find a tanning bed. Or you can go to to find a good review on tanning beds salons

Where can I find a good price on beds?

you can find good prices on bed at

Are tanning beds better than tanning in the sun?

There not good for you skin but better then tanning in the sun.

Where can one find a great deal on sunstar tanning beds?

The first place to start is Amazon when looking for an affordable Sunstar tanning bed. Another good place to find a tanning bed at a good rate is Ebay.

How expensive are used tanning beds?

If you are looking to purchase a tanning bed, then purchasing a used one is a good idea. A used tanning bed will vary in price depending on where you purchase it, but be prepared to still pay hundreds.

Are tanning beds good for you?

No they can cause skin cancer! :O

What is the best brand for a residential tanning bed?

Many good brands of tanning beds are available for residential uses. SolarStorm, Sunquest, Wolff and Tropical Rayz are some popular brands for both commercial and residential tanning beds

Do you know where I can purchase a used tanning bed online?

You can go to The offer a wide range and good prices on used tanning beds.

What's a good brand of tanning bed for the home?

ESB tanning beds are made for consumers homes and are easy to install and move.

Which tanning beds give the most even tan?

ProSun Azure and reaxsun are good ones.

Can the tanning beds cause itchy inner thighs?

I believe tanning beds do not cause itchy thighs as long as you use it properly and by applying the right lotion or skin care. If you want more tanning bed tips to help you out during the tanning process, here's a good source:

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