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There are several sites with lists of private schools in New York City. Try some of these: Abacus Guide ( or Great Schools ( You can also search the New York State Association of Independent Schools (


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there are 80 private schools in New York

The spring break for New York City private schools will depend upon each school. Most schools will be on break sometime in the month of April.

To find a school for the exciting career of a hair dresser visit Here you will be able to find complete listing of accredited barber schools in the New York City area.

Spence, Brearley, Chapin, Sacred Heart, Nightingale, Marymount, Hewitt.

There are a lot. Here's a list of Catholic high schools just in the bourough of Queens: Here's a list of Catholic high schools in New York State, but each has its city listed: .

There are about 1124 middle schools in the state of New York, with 107 middle schools in New York City.

54 universities and colleges, 1,198 public schools.

There are actually a lot of graphic design schools in new york city. Some of them are:, and also

The travel aid website Expedia features a listing of every hotel in New York City. The hotels can be searched and browsed by location, price, and rating. There are also customer reviews.

New York City has 425 high schools.

New York City interior design schools offer local and national programs as well as online education. Some of the best schools are Academy of Art University, The Art Institute of New York City and New York School of Interior Design.

He was from Brooklyn, New York City (he has it printed on the back of his outfit in the movie)

Cornell University is an institution with 14 colleges and schools. Some of those colleges are private, and some are public schools within the State University of New York (SUNY) system.

You can find information on New York Schools by visiting the website that I have listed below. This is a link to New York City Department of Education.

"Most schools do offer master's degree programs. In New York, some of those schools are The City University of new York, Buffalo State, Columbia University and NYU."

For without them they are a ship without out a rudder.

For private schools (and overall, in this case): Xavier High School in Manhattan. As for Specialized public high schools: Stuyvesant

About 412, according to the directory of Public High Schools from 2011-2012.

There are over 80,000 teachers in NY public schools

Yelp ( has a pretty sizable listing of reviews for restaurants in New York City.

There are a number of websites that have listings of moving companies in New York City. One can find such listings on 'Yelp', 'Angies List' and 'My Moving Reviews'.

Someone wanting to find out what shows are on in New York City might obtain a New York TV listing. Another way one might find what shows are on in New York City would be to browse through a TV channel's website.

Prep for Prep is a leadership development program that identifies, prepares, places, and supports the most promising students of color from New York City in independent (private) schools. After intense preparation, about one third of its students are placed boarding schools and two-thirds attend independent day schools in New York. Visit to learn more.

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