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The 1936 documentary film, "The Loch Ness Monster: Proof at Last" with Lain McMillan, himself a purported witness of the monster, is worth checking out. Footage of the film was shot on the 22nd of September, 1936, by Malcolm Irvine who claims it is of Nessie. He made the sighting while he was near Inverfarigaig, opposite Urquhart Castle, a place many have reported seeing Nessie from. He recorded the creature and it is his footage which began the Loch Ness monster craze that persists until today. This documentary reel, lost for decades before being recovered, shows grainy black and white images of a dark blob moving slowly across grey water. Irvine first reported seeing Nessie in 1933, and would see it again with 2 other men in 1967. It would be worth looking up his name. Once the documentary was rediscovered the BBC aired it in 2001.

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Where might you find Nessie?

"Nessie" is the nickname of the Loch Ness Monster, a mythical beast that supposedly lives in Loch Ness, Scotland. Sightings of the monster have occurred for many years at the loch.

Do you have photos of Nessie?

The only place that you can find pictures of Nessie is Google or websites about the Nessie

What do you win if you find Nessie on poptropica?

The prize for seeing Nessie on the Cryptids Island Preview was a Nessie hat.

Where is Nessie in the viewfinder on poptropica?

Nessie is under water find her and you get a prize

What prize do you get if you find Nessie on poptropica?

you get Nessie follower and bigfoot costume

Where in the world you find loch ness?

You might (as many believe the Loch Ness Monster, commonly known as "Nessie" is a myth) find the Loch Ness Monster in Loch Ness, Scotland. This is where all the so called sightings of the monster are reported.

Which lake does Nessie live in?

If Nessie exists then as Nessie is a short name for 'The Loch Ness Monster' you would allegedly find it living in Loch Ness.

Where do you find the fake photo of Nessie on poptropica?

You take a picture of fake Nessie with your camera at loch ness.

What is renessmee's nickname in Breaking Dawn?

Nessie ! Bella has a go at Jacob for comin up with that nickname Her nickname is Nessie, and bell looses it when she find out a) Jacob imprinted on Nessie(Renessmee) and b) Jacob nicknamed her Nessie.

Where can you find information on Nessie?

in web sites

How do you find Nessie on poprtopica?

sleep with the girl there

Has there been any UFO sightings near Corowa?

I could find no reported sightings at that location.

Where is Nessie in poptropica hinding?

find him at the view finder

Where can one find information on UFO sightings?

The online UFO Sightings Report is a good place to find information on UFO sightings. It also has photographs, maps and resources for anyone interested in this particular topic.

What is the prize if you find Nessie on the Cryptids Island Preview?

The prize for spotting Nessie during the Cryptids Island preview (beginning December 2, 2010) was a Nessie Hat. (see related link)

How will a sonar echo help you to find Nessie?

Just go in the ocean, $)X (Qwerty Keypad) with a partner and you will find the Nessie, as it will come to you. :P i am a different person and this one is wrong

How do you find Nessie on poptropica?

I just started it, but I figured out how to find Nessie.First you climb the little hill where a man with orange hair standing.Then click on a viewfinder which is on his left side.Next try to find Nessie as fast as you can.If you don't find Nessie, then the man beside will not let you use it again, he says you can only use it once per day. That's why you can refresh your page and log in again.I hope I could help. ^.^

Where can you find Nessie?

'Nessie' is a mythological creature that supposedly lives in Loch Ness which is a lake that lies to the west of the town of Inverness in northern Scotland.

Is there onley one Nessie?

that's for me to know and you to find out! get a life!

Where can you find new pictures of Nessie?

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Where do you find Nessie underwater in poptropica?

i have no idea but i hope you know

Where can you find Nessie in the view finder in poptropica?

Nessie is under water at the bottom. Just move the viewfinder really fast at the bottom and you will find her soon enough. I found her on the first try.

How do you find Nessie on the Cryptids Island preview?

During the special preview of Cryptids Island (beginning December 2, 2010), anyone who spotted Nessie got a special Nessie hat. However, you could not always see Nessie, and when you did she was a distant shape on the loch. (see related link)

Where can you find a living Tasmanian tiger?

You cannot. The Tasmanian tiger, or Thylacine, is extinct, and there have been no confirmed sightings of a living specimen since 1936. Originally they were native to continental Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea.

Are there more than one Nessie?

There might be one Nessie but it is hard to find if there is more than 1 Nessie it might be cool... if you believe in the Loch Ness monster a movie that you should see is water dragon. It is a good movie. it says that there cant be more than 1 nessie. each time that the egg of Nessie hatches the older Nessie dies and that is the life cycle. It's 'Water Horse', not 'Water Dragon'.

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