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Where can I find an outside temperature gauge for my car?

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J.C. Whitney catalogs HAVE IT ALL. And SO much more. More than you want, more than you will ever need.

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Usually the gauge in on the dashboard with all the other gauges. That way you can read it while driving.

The temperature gauge on a car fluctuates because the car's thermostat is opening and closing. The gauge goes up when the thermostat closes and the gauge goes down when the thermostat opens.

It depends on the make and model of the car but at the very least you should find your speed and your fuel level displayed. Most cars also display a tachometer, oil gauge, temperature gauge, and battery (charging) gauge.

A signal from the temperature sensor on the engine.

More information is needed before this question can be answered. Is that "temperature"? Are you talking about the temperature gauge? And what is it on? A car? A refrigerator or freezer? The thermostat? The world outside?

well your car needs a new body kit because that contributes to the temperature of the car

It may be something wrong with the car

There are certain car gauges which are mandatory to have in a dashboard. These gauges are the speedometer, the temperature gauge, the fuel gauge, the tachometer, oil pressure gauge, charging system gauge, and odometer.

That depends on what the car is supposed to run at.

If you temperature gauge is going up and down then you may have a problem with your sensor. You should take your car to a professional to ensure that you don't overheat your car.

According to the manual the outside temperature sensor is located behind the front bumper. Roughly in the location of the driver side fog lamps would be placed. Unless the car came equipped with an outside temperature gauge getting it to display correctly though the instrument package may be a little iffy.

We have no temperature gauge in our car. Didn't come equipped with one. It probably has a warning light that would illuminate if the engine was getting to hot.

lets you know from inside the car if your engine is running at the proper operating temperature.

The oil gauge shows the oil's temperature. The oil pressure gauge monitors the oil pressure for your viewing pleasure.

Your car is starting to overheat or your thermostat is going out. Get it checked.

There isn´t a one (W168). The car only has a temperature warning light.

If the gauge is reading hot and the car is running normal temperatures, the water temperature sensor needs replaced.

The 1995 Lincoln Town Car coolant temperature gauge sensor can be found on the front of the engine. The coolant temperature sensor will be a few inches above the thermostat housing.

This is called the Temperature light or gauge

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