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What information are you looking for? The Times Leader Online recently posted an article regarding Roy Riethmiller, the painter. Not sure if this is the same Roy Riethmiller, but he has over 1000 paintings in collection. He was my elementary school art teacher :) Roy Riethmiller is my moms uncle and therefore my great uncle. he still lives in Martin's Ferry and paint's everyday. His son David Riethmiller works at Linsly a private school in wheeling, WV and indeed there is information about Roy in The Martin's Ferry Times Leader Online.

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Who was the artist Alfred Sussi?

An American painter of the 20th century. Studied in New York. Very little info to be found on the Internet.

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Thomas Eakins .

Colonial painter who studied and worked in Britain?

John Singleton Copley.

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No, first he studied law.

What was Rembrandt devoted to in his early years?

He studied the Classics at the university, then set out to be a painter.

What was Mary Cassatt's early career?

She studied painting in Philadelphia, then went to Paris and became a professional painter.

What did Sir Francis Bacon study?

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He was accepted to the Antwerp Academy of Art but he practically never went there. He had a few private lessons by the painter Anton Mauve, and in Paris he studied with a professional painter, F Cormon.

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good question

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Leonardo's early years in Florence were where he started drawing, painting and studied under painter Andrea del Verrocchino

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Which native American studied the Cherokee language and developed a system for writing it?


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Lily Honson is a remakable traditional Dominican painter. Actually, Lily Honson is from Haiti, the neighboring country!! A Dominican painter that has been painting for a few decades is Jose Garcia Cordero. He studied art/architecture in Santo Domingo and then Paris, France.

Was it American curriculum that light and shadow was studied by disciplines in arts physics and botany?


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Such information has never been researched or studied.

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is human behavour