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You can go on or Wikipedia and type in Jackie Robinson because it has lots of information about his career and his life.

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Who is robinson jackie?

jackie robinson

Does Jackie Robinson have a family?

Jackie Robinson did have a family. He was married to Rachel Robinson. They had three children; Jackie Robinson Jr., Sharon Robinson, and David Robinson.

What race is Jackie Robinson?

Jackie Robinson was a Bahamian.

What were the characteristics of Jackie Robinson?

What was some of Jackie Robinson Characteristics

Does Jackie Robinson have any grandkids?

no jackie robinson has no grandkids.

Who are Jackie Robinson's kid's children?

Jackie Robinson has three kids, two sons and a daughter. They are Jackie Robinson Jr, Sharon Robinson and David Robinson.

Why was Jackie Robinson named Jackie?

His real name is Jackson Robinson Jackie was his nick name

What was Jackie robisons chirldren names?

Jackie Robinson Jr., Sharon Robinson, David Robinson

Did Jackie Robinson have a dog?

Jackie Robinson did have a dog its name was fluffy

Jackie Robinson was born in what year?

Jackie Robinson was born in 1919.

Who was married to Jackie Robinson?

Rachel Isum was married to Jackie Robinson.

Did Jackie Robinson have 10 children?

No. Jackie Robinson had three children.

How was blacks affected after Jackie Robinson played baseball?

Jackie Robinson was a

How old is Jackie Robinson right now?

Jackie Robinson is dead.

How many marriages did Jackie Robinson have?

Jackie Robinson had five mariages.

Does Jackie Robinson have parents?

jackie robinson died and his parents died

Did Jackie Robinson have 15 children?

Jackie Robinson had three children.

Fun Facts About Jackie Robinson?

Jackie Robinson A Life of Courage

Where can you find photos for a report for Jackie Robinson?

Click on the 'Official Website of Jackie Robinson' link on this page to go to Jackie Robinson's official website where you can find photos, achievements, quotes, statistics, and many other things concerning the his life.

What are 5 questions for the biography of Jackie Robinson?

1. when was jackie robinson born ? / the answer is: January 31, 19192. when did jackie robinson died ? / the answer is: October 24, 19723. when did jackie robinson got married ? / the answer is : February 10, 1946,4. when did jackie robinson have kids ? / the answer is :Jackie Robinson Jr, born on November 18, 1946, Sharon Robinson born on January 13, 19505. was jackie robinson african american ? / the answer is : yes

Acrostic poem about Jackie Robinson?

Jackie Robinson is the best baseball player in the whole Pittsburgh pirates team go Jackie Robinson

What pet did Jackie Robinson have?

a dog if you think Jackie Robinson is a good football player, there is a book called "In The Year Of The Boar And Jackie Robinson.

Did Jackie Rachel Robinson have children?

Jackie Robinson and his wife Rachel Robinson had three children. Their names were Jackie, Jr., who died before Jackie in 1971, Sharon and David.

Who was Jackie Robinson married to?

Jackie Robinson was married to Rachel Isum Robinson. The two had three children.

Is nate Robinson Jackie Robinson?


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