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You need to contact the Chinese consulate in Washington to get started.

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Q: Where can I find information on obtaining a china visa?
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Where can I find information on getting a china visa?

I did some online research and found a place called China Visa Service Center, they have a lot of useful information. Here is their address:

What procedures do I need to go through to get a student visa for China?

The best place to go to find out the procedures is There is a link to obtaining a China student visa, and you can download the form. I beleive you will need to have a valid passport though.

Where can a person find information in regards to obtaining a visa in Cambodia?

A person can find information about a visa from different sources. The first one would be their consulate. If that is not possible then the travel agent will be able to supply this information. Last but not least travel guides to the country will also have information about visas.

What is the process involved in obtaining a visa?

what is the proess involved in obtaining a visa

I have an urgent business appoint in Beijing China on the 5th of November. How can I get a visa to China to enable me travel on the 3rd of November?

You should contact the Chinese Embassy for information about obtaining a travel Visa. Visit: You can also check with the US State Department for information at:

How does one begin the process of obtaining a visa to travel to China?

The initial step in obtaining a visa to visit China is to fill out a visa application. The form can be found at the official Chinese Embassy website. Other necessary materials are a valid passport and a 2-inch by 2-inch recent photograph. Turnaround time is typically a week, plus mail transit time.

How can I find out if I need a visa to visit China?

You will definitely need a visa to visiti China. To get started, call the Chinese consulate in Washington.

Where can someone find information on a US Immigration Visa?

One can find information on a United States immigration visa at the website "ssa". The website offers all the information needed to receive a US visa.

What documents are required to apply for a visa to travel to China?

The status of your Visa to travel in China is decided by the nature of business or tour you want to do while in China. The URL provides you with the authentic information on the documents you need to have while applying for a Visa to travel to China. For any Visa, be in tour or business, you need to have a valid passport that holds good for over 6 months, 2 photos of yours, the duly filled in visa application form and so on. Pl go You may obtain a business visa or a tourist visa that is good for 90 days from arrival in China. The usual time in obtaining one is around five days, although there are costlier ways to get one in a day.

Where can one find more information about total Visa?

One can find more information about total Visa from the official website of the TotalVisaSolutions. There is wealth of information provided on passport and visa requirements as these vary per country.

How can get a visa?

Vietnam is a beautiful friendly country and is a popular travel spot.Passport holders can obtain Vietnam tourist visa in two ways. These two are · Applying visa through Vietnam Embassy, · Obtaining on arrival visa. For more information about Vietnam visa :

What do you have to do to get a visa in China?

When you are in China you can visit the local counsulate of China to obtain a visa.

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