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go to Google and see. or go to

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What is the name of the song in the Blistex commercial where the couple is in the coat closet?

I was also looking for the answer to this question. I happened to see the commercial again and googled the fragmented lyrics. The Artist: Duffy The Title: Mercy You can listen to the entire song at YEA!

What are the lyrics to the Esurance commercial?


You are looking for the songartist who plays during a BW3 commercial Only lyrics you can make your are your ears and your eyes will be bleeding Definitely rock?


What are the lyrics to the song from the memorial health care commercial?

look up "It Saved Me" by CHristina Courtin, i hope that's what you're looking for!

What are the song lyrics to Von's store's TV commercial?

go on you tube and put in vons stores tv commercial with lyrics

What is the state farm commercial lyrics?

jake from state farm lyrics

What are the lyrics to the cover girl commercial on America's next top model?

The lyrics to the Covergirl commercial on ANTM is 'Easy,breezy,beautiful-Covergirl'.

What are the lyrics to the Splenda commercial?

which commercial? The one called sugar suger by the archies

Why can't there be love lyrics?

there is. your just looking at the wrong lyrics!

Where can one find the lyrics of the song 'What Are You Looking For'?

There are a number of places where one can find the lyrics to the Sick Puppies song What Are You Looking For. The lyrics can be found on websites such as eLyrics and Metro Lyrics.

What are the lyrics to the maxwell house commercial?

Our house!!

What is the name of the french song in the Spanish Toyota corolla commercial?

I know french and can look up the lyrics if you have the song on You Tube or elsewhere... I have been looking for it too!

What is the song played during commercial breaks in big CBS prime. The lyrics is everybody here looking at me?

i am alive coz u r turning me on

What is the song in the computer commercial where eveything is color coordinated?

I was looking for this song too, and I looked up the lyrics I heard in the commercial - the song is "The W.A.N.D." by The Flaming Lips. Hope this helps you! I think it's a really cool song.

What is that song lyrics on the Friends for Change commercial?

I don't know the lyrics but i know its called "Send it On"

What is the lyrics of the V fresh commercial?

buang ka

What are the lyrics in the Honda president's day commercial?


Panic at the disco lyrics?

I always get my lyrics from! * Or if they don't have the lyrics your looking for, you can google lyrics and more websites will come up.

What commercial used the lyrics from everyday people by sly and the family stone?

Wasn't it a Honda commercial?

Who sings a song with the lyrics searching your whole life for a TV commercial?

song in the refrigerator commercial

What are the lyrics to the Suzi van Zoom McDonald's commercial?

Duck and Kompost the lyrics of Suzi van Zoom.

Song with the lyrics I'm looking at you looking at me?

That's the title itself! Looking at You Looking at Me by Ozzy Osborne.

What is the song on mbc4 it's a commercial for August movies?

I was looking for this too! Just heard the song again and caught some of the lyrics and found it - Uh Huh Her - I See Red

What is the song called on citv's new advert with all the programs on it?

The commercial involves new lyrics to the campfire song, "I love the mountains." The lyrics in the commercial are not those from the original, but were made up to fit the clips from the various shows in the commercial.

What is the commercial with the lyrics im on fire in it?

Kasabian I'm on fire