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From Jaguar. The problem with all Jaguars is the lighting pack so if you get one from a breaker, get the light pack and wiring too.

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Where is the cam position sensor on a jaguar xj8?

how do you remove camshaft sensor on jaguar xj8

What is the bolt pattern for a Jaguar XJ6 xj8?

I have a Jaguar XJ8 1998. the bolt pattern is 5X120

How do you get a 2000 jaguar XJ8 out of valet mode?

Overrride the valet mode in an xj8 2000 jaguar

How do you set the timing on a 1999 jaguar XJ8 engine?

where are thev timing markson a 1999 xj8 jaguar

Where can you purchase a Jaguar XJ8?

You can purchase a Jaguar XJ8 at a local Jaguar dealership, or you can find available Jaguar XJ8s on the sites Auto Trader or Ebay Motors and purchase from the sellers.

Is xj8 the fastest Jaguar?

the Jaguar XJ220 claims a top speed of 217 mph. The XJ8 manages 150 mph

How remove electric pump on 1999 jaguar xj8 4.0?

how remove electric pump on 1999 jaguar xj8 4.0

How do you replace Rear speaker on jaguar xj8?

How do i replace subwootfer 2002 xj8

What does it mean when your transmission high temp jaguar 1999 xj8?

what does it mean when the hi transmission tempture light come on in a 1999 jaguar xj8

Will rims for a 2000 Jaguar XJR Asteroid fit on a 1999 Jaguar XJ8?


What type of oil does a jaguar xj8 take?

jaguar recommends 5w30

Where can I fina a Owner's Manual for a 2001 Jaguar XJ8?


Key fob battery for 1999 xj8 Jaguar?


Why is my Jaguar XJ8 stuck in park?

Check for a blown fuse.

What type of coolant does a 2001 jaguar xj8 use?


How do you open the trunk on a Jaguar xj8 with a dead battery?

use the key

HOW to GET Radio pin code jaguar XJ8 2003?

get in touch with supplier

What is the engine oil capacity of a 2001 jaguar xj8?

7 litres

How do you jump start an XJ8 Jaguar?

positive to positive negative to negative

How do you check the oil levels in a jaguar xj8 gearbox?

you cant, its sealed

Where is the Battery location in a jaguar xj8 2003?

The battery is located in the trunk.

How do you use the phone on the jaguar xj8?

Hold it to your ear and speak into the mouthpiece

What is the engine oil capacity in a 1999 jaguar xj8?

7.0 liters

How do you get owners manual for 1999 jaguar xj8?

I need a repair manual for a 1999 jaguar van da plaz

Can a jaguar 1997 xj6 tow a trailer?

Yes, it is able to tow a trailer.