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The tools needed are a big crescent wrench. There is a belt tensioner on the side (a wheel not connected to any thing.) Put the wrench on the tensioner and lift up. Slide the belt on.

AnswerBe aware that in order to replace the belt, you will need to remove the passenger side engine support bracket, meaning that the engine will be largely free of the body. Ideally, the passenger side of the engine should be supported with a hoist attached to the lifting eye on that side of the block before the bracket is removed, but a pair of jacks underneath the engine can work in a pinch. When the bracket is removed, the engine will want to roll backwards under the weight of the transmission, so be sure to place a jack as far back as possible. The bracket in question is T-shaped, two bolts on the top of the "T" connect to the engine, two bolts on the long portion connect to a shock absorbing mount on the body. Once the engine is supported and the bracket is removed, you can replace the belt as described above.
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Q: Where can I get a diagram to install a serpentine belt on a 1993 Chevy Corsica 3.1 engine v-6 and what tools are needed. Is there any way to install the belt without removing the bracket?
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